Index of Surnames. Names starting with A.

A...?, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/3b
Abbot, David QS17/2/3/2a
Abbot, Elisha QS17/2/3/4
Abbot, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/5b
Abbot, George QS17/2/3/1a
Abbot, Grace QS17/2/3/2a
Abbot, Hannah QS17/2/3/2a
Abbot, John QS17/2/2/9a
Abbot, John QS17/2/4/2a
Abbot, Mary QS17/2/1/11d
Abbot, Nicholas QS17/2/4/7a
Abbot, Susannah QS17/2/3/2a
Abbot, Thomas QS17/2/3/2a
Abbott, Gilbert QS17/2/6/1a
Abbott, Jane Exeter 2 (2)
Abbott, Joan QS17/2/2/1c
Abbott, John QS17/2/2/9a
Abbott, Joseph QS17/2/1/6
Abbott, Judith Exeter 2
Abbott, Richard QS17/2/2/11a
Abbott, Richard QS17/2/3/13e
Abbott, Thomas QS17/2/2/7b
Abbott, Timothy Exeter 1
Abbott, Timothy jun Exeter 2
Abbott, Ursula QS17/2/4/2d
Abbott, William QS17/2/2/8
Abel, Patience QS17/2/2/5b
Abel, Philip QS17/2/3/8b
Abell, Frances Exeter 1
Abell, Israel QS17/2/2/5b
Abell, Lawrence QS17/2/4/7c
Abell, Richard Exeter 1
Ableton, Richard QS17/2/3/5
Abraham, Alice QS17/2/4/5c
Abraham, Benjamin QS17/2/1/6
Abraham, Ezekiel QS17/2/4/9a
Abraham, Joan QS17/2/1/9a
Abraham, Joan QS17/2/4/7a
Abraham, John Exeter 2
Abraham, Mary QS17/2/3/11a
Abraham, Rebecca QS17/2/4/7c
Abraham, Robert QS17/2/4/7a
Abraham, Thomas QS17/2/1/6
Abraham, Thomas QS17/2/3/5
Abraham, Thomas jun QS17/2/3/5
Abraham, William QS17/2/2/13
Abraham, William QS17/2/3/5
Abrahams, John QS17/2/5/3a
Abram, John NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Abtor, John QS17/2/1/7a
Ackland, Ann QS17/2/5/3b
Ackland, Anne QS17/2/2/13
Ackland, Baldwin QS17/2/2/13
Ackland, Edmund QS17/2/3/2a
Ackland, Grace QS17/2/3/8a
Ackland, Hugh QS17/2/2/5b
Ackland, Isaac QS17/2/1/5i
Ackland, John QS17/2/2/10b
Ackland, Mary QS17/2/4/8a
Ackland, Prudence QS17/2/3/13b (2)
Ackland, Richard QS17/2/2/10b
Ackland, Richard QS17/2/7/1
Ackland, Robert QS17/2/2/13
Ackland, Thomas QS17/2/2/11b
Ackland, William QS17/2/2/10b (2)
Acland, Arthur QS17/2/3/12b
Acland, Clement QS17/2/4/3a
Acland, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/7c
Acland, Grace QS17/2/3/7c
Acland, James QS17/2/4/3a
Acland, John QS17/2/5/4c
Acland, Katherine QS17/2/3/13f
Acland, My Lady Ann QS17/2/3/7c
Acland, My Lady Cicily QS17/2/3/7c
Acland, Sr Hugh QS17/2/3/8a
Acland, Thomas QS17/2/3/13f
Acland, William QS17/2/2/16b
Acreman, Daniel QS17/2/4/4c
Acty, Philip QS17/2/2/13
Adams, Aaron QS17/2/1/2
Adams, Agnes QS17/2/1/11b
Adams, Alexander QS17/2/3/12b
Adams, Amy QS17/2/1/11a
Adams, Ann QS17/2/3/11a
Adams, Ann QS17/2/4/9b
Adams, Anne QS17/2/3/7a
Adams, Anthony QS17/2/3/13a
Adams, Bethia QS17/2/5/1a
Adams, Brute QS17/2/2/10b
Adams, Charles QS17/2/5/3b
Adams, Christopher QS17/2/4/9a
Adams, Edward QS17/2/5/1b
Adams, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/11c
Adams, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/12a
Adams, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/7a
Adams, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/1b
Adams, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/8a (2)
Adams, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/9b
Adams, Gersham QS17/2/1/10
Adams, Henry QS17/2/1/9a
Adams, Henry QS17/2/4/9b
Adams, Hieram? QS17/2/1/3a
Adams, Hiram QS17/2/5/1c
Adams, Hugh QS17/2/1/9a
Adams, James QS17/2/1/10
Adams, James QS17/2/1/11a
Adams, James QS17/2/1/11b (3)
Adams, Jane QS17/2/1/10
Adams, Jane QS17/2/4/9a
Adams, Jane QS17/2/5/2b
Adams, Joan QS17/2/2/14c
Adams, Joan QS17/2/4/5a
Adams, Joan QS17/2/4/9b
Adams, Joane QS17/2/1/7a
Adams, Joane QS17/2/6/1j
Adams, John QS17/2/1/10
Adams, John QS17/2/1/11a
Adams, John QS17/2/1/11c
Adams, John QS17/2/1/11d
Adams, John QS17/2/1/4
Adams, John QS17/2/1/8
Adams, John QS17/2/2/4b
Adams, John QS17/2/2/9b
Adams, John QS17/2/3/4
Adams, John QS17/2/3/5 (2)
Adams, John QS17/2/4/5a (2)
Adams, John QS17/2/4/6c
Adams, Lucy QS17/2/5/5a
Adams, Margaret QS17/2/4/9b
Adams, Mary QS17/2/2/4a
Adams, Mary QS17/2/3/5
Adams, Mary QS17/2/4/5c
Adams, Mary QS17/2/4/8c
Adams, Mary QS17/2/4/9b
Adams, Mary QS17/2/6/1a
Adams, Mathew QS17/2/3/1b
Adams, Michael QS17/2/3/4
Adams, Nathaniel QS17/2/3/8b
Adams, Nicholas QS17/2/1/11a
Adams, Nicholas QS17/2/1/11b (2)
Adams, Nicholas QS17/2/1/12a
Adams, Nicholas QS17/2/1/6
Adams, Nicholas QS17/2/1/7a
Adams, Nicholas QS17/2/4/1
Adams, Nicholas QS17/2/4/5a
Adams, Peter QS17/2/3/8a
Adams, Richard NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Adams, Richard QS17/2/2/2a
Adams, Richard QS17/2/2/3b
Adams, Richard QS17/2/4/5a
Adams, Robert QS17/2/1/11b
Adams, Robert QS17/2/2/2b (2)
Adams, Robert QS17/2/3/4 (2)
Adams, Robert QS17/2/4/6d
Adams, Robert QS17/2/4/9b
Adams, Roger QS17/2/1/9b
Adams, Sampson QS17/2/1/7a
Adams, Samuel QS17/2/5/5a
Adams, Sarah QS17/2/4/6b
Adams, Sarah QS17/2/6/1a (2)
Adams, Susannah QS17/2/5/5a
Adams, Thomas QS17/2/1/10
Adams, Thomas QS17/2/1/12a
Adams, Thomas QS17/2/3/10
Adams, Vincent QS17/2/2/2b
Adams, Walter QS17/2/4/9b
Adams, William NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Adams, William QS17/2/1/10 (2)
Adams, William QS17/2/1/11a
Adams, William QS17/2/1/11b (2)
Adams, William QS17/2/2/2b
Adams, William QS17/2/2/7c
Adams, William QS17/2/3/1b
Adams, William QS17/2/3/5
Adams, William QS17/2/4/1 (2)
Adams, William QS17/2/4/5a
Adams, William jun QS17/2/1/11a (2)
Addams, Alice QS17/2/2/3b
Addams, Jane QS17/2/2/3b
Addams, John QS17/2/2/10b
Addams, John QS17/2/2/3b
Addams, John jun QS17/2/2/3b
Addicot, Henry QS17/2/4/7c
Addiscott, William QS17/2/2/2b
Agar, Mary QS17/2/1/11c
Aires, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1j
Aires, William QS17/2/2/15b
Aish, Abraham QS17/2/4/8c
Aish, Roger QS17/2/2/4a
Aishford, John QS17/2/3/3a
Aishton, Francis QS17/2/2/9b
Aishton, James QS17/2/2/9b
Aishton, John QS17/2/2/9b
Aishton, William QS17/2/2/9b
Akarman, Richard QS17/2/4/8c
Akerman, John Exeter 2
Akerman, John jun Exeter 2
Alden, Sarah Ann QS17/2/2/4a
Alden, Thomas QS17/2/4/6d
Alderman, John QS17/2/2/16b
Aldridge, Jonah Exeter 2
Aldwin, William QS17/2/2/2b
Ale, Edward QS17/2/2/2a
Alexander, Benjamin QS17/2/4/6d
Alexander, Grace QS17/2/4/9a
Alexander, Henry QS17/2/1/4
Alexander, Stephen QS17/2/4/1
Alexander, Stephen QS17/2/4/9a
Alexander, William QS17/2/1/7a
Alexander, William QS17/2/4/1 (2)
Alford, Alice QS17/2/2/9a
Alford, Andrew QS17/2/2/11b
Alford, Charles QS17/2/3/11b
Alford, George QS17/2/2/10b (2)
Alford, Hannah QS17/2/3/12b
Alford, Henry QS17/2/2/10b
Alford, Israel QS17/2/2/3a
Alford, John QS17/2/2/9a
Alford, John QS17/2/3/11b
Alford, John QS17/2/3/7e
Alford, John QS17/2/7/1 (2)
Alford, Katherine QS17/2/5/1c
Alford, Mark QS17/2/5/1c
Alford, Mathew QS17/2/2/10b
Alford, Robert QS17/2/2/10b
Alford, Robert QS17/2/3/12a
Alford, Thomas QS17/2/2/11b
Alford, Thomas QS17/2/2/4a
Alford, Thomas QS17/2/2/9a
Alford, Thomas QS17/2/3/12b
Alford, Uriah QS17/2/2/16b
Alford, William QS17/2/3/12b
Alford, Wilmot QS17/2/5/1c
Alfrod, Robert QS17/2/3/11b
Algar, Agnes QS17/2/1/12a
Algar, Alice QS17/2/4/5a
Algar, Eleanor QS17/2/1/9a
Algar, James QS17/2/2/2a
Algar, John QS17/2/1/12a
Algar, John QS17/2/2/2a
Algar, John QS17/2/2/2b (2)
Algar, Margaret QS17/2/2/2a
Algar, Mary QS17/2/3/13f
Algar, Mathew QS17/2/2/2b
Algar, Nicholas QS17/2/1/7a
Algar, Richard QS17/2/1/3b
Algar, Samuel QS17/2/2/2a
Algar, Sarah QS17/2/1/11d
Algar, William QS17/2/2/2b (3)
Alger, John QS17/2/4/6d
Alger, Thomasin QS17/2/1/11d
Allant, William QS17/2/6/1j
Allard, Fran. QS17/2/2/3a
Allaway, Joane QS17/2/6/1j
Allaway, John QS17/1/17/3a
Allen, Anne QS17/2/3/3a
Allen, Benjamin QS17/2/2/14c
Allen, David QS17/2/5/2b
Allen, Deborah QS17/2/2/10a
Allen, Edward QS17/2/3/13a
Allen, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1c
Allen, George QS17/2/2/6
Allen, George QS17/2/5/2b
Allen, Joane QS17/2/5/1c
Allen, John QS17/2/2/14c
Allen, John QS17/2/2/7c
Allen, John QS17/2/4/2a
Allen, Joseph QS17/2/2/14c
Allen, Mary QS17/2/3/11a
Allen, Robert QS17/2/2/17a
Allen, Robert QS17/2/2/6
Allen, Roger QS17/2/2/15b
Allen, Sarah QS17/2/2/8
Allen, Sarah QS17/2/4/2d
Allen, Simon QS17/2/2/16b
Allen, Susanna QS17/2/4/2a
Allen, Thomas QS17/2/6/1c
Allen, William QS17/2/2/16b
Allen, William QS17/2/2/2a
Allen, William QS17/2/4/2a
Allen?, ?Mary NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Aller, Hannah QS17/2/2/9a
Aller, John QS17/2/2/5b (2)
Aller, Mary QS17/2/2/5b
Aller, Mary QS17/2/5/3b
Aller, William QS17/2/5/3b
Alley, Jerome QS17/2/2/8
Allford, Elizabeth NDRO 2558-2/102/1.3
Allford, George NDRO 2558-2/102/1.3
Allin, Charity QS17/2/2/7d
Allin, Henry QS17/2/2/18
Allin, Joan QS17/2/2/3b
Allin, John QS17/2/2/5b
Allin, Mary QS17/2/2/7c
Allin, Peter QS17/2/6/1c
Allin, Richard QS17/2/2/7c
Allin, Richard QS17/2/3/5
Allin, Roger QS17/2/2/8
Allin, Thomas QS17/2/2/7d
Allin, William QS17/2/2/9b
Alling, John QS17/2/2/1e
Alling, Nicholas QS17/2/5/2b
Alloways, Thomazine Exeter 2
Allridge, Thomas QS17/2/3/4
Allyn, John QS17/2/2/13
Allyn, John QS17/2/2/7d
Allyn, Richard QS17/2/2/7d
Allyn, Thomas QS17/2/2/7d
Allyn, William QS17/2/2/11a
Almond, John QS17/2/4/7a
Almond, William QS17/2/1/8
Almor, Robert Exeter 2
Alward, John QS17/2/4/7c
Alward, John QS17/2/4/9a
Alward, John QS17/2/5/4c
Alward, Jonathan QS17/2/5/4c
Alward, Robert QS17/2/5/4c
Alward, Samuel QS17/2/5/4c
Alward, Thomas QS17/2/5/4c
Alward, William QS17/2/4/1
Alward, William jun QS17/2/4/1
Alway, John QS17/2/3/8a
Alway, Richard QS17/2/2/16b
Amery, Nicholas QS17/2/3/8b
Amery, Roger QS17/2/2/14a
Amery, William QS17/2/3/11b
Amm, Simon QS17/2/1/7b
Ammery, Rose QS17/2/5/1c
Amory, John QS17/2/3/9
Amory, Mary QS17/2/4/7c
Amory, Priscilla QS17/2/1/5i
Amory, Richard QS17/2/3/9
Amory, William QS17/2/3/11a
Amory, William QS17/2/3/9
Amy, Betty QS17/2/3/2a
Amyatt, James QS17/2/4/1
And[rew], John QS17/2/2/7d
Anderton, Agnes QS17/2/2/9b
Anderton, Charles QS17/2/2/8
Anderton, John QS17/2/2/8
Andly, Lionel QS17/2/2/2b
Andly, Richard QS17/2/2/2b
Andrew, Anthony QS17/2/2/13
Andrew, Baptist QS17/2/2/16b
Andrew, Degory QS17/2/2/7a
Andrew, Edmund QS17/2/1/7b
Andrew, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/10a
Andrew, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/12b
Andrew, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/3b
Andrew, George NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Andrew, George QS17/2/3/4
Andrew, Hugh QS17/2/4/4b
Andrew, Joan QS17/2/1/8
Andrew, Joan QS17/2/2/3b
Andrew, Joane QS17/2/1/8
Andrew, John QS17/2/1/9a
Andrew, John QS17/2/2/3b (2)
Andrew, John QS17/2/2/7d
Andrew, John QS17/2/3/8a
Andrew, John jun QS17/2/1/8
Andrew, Margaret QS17/2/2/10a
Andrew, Mary NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Andrew, Mary QS17/2/4/3b
Andrew, Nathaniel QS17/2/2/3b
Andrew, Nathaniel QS17/2/4/4b
Andrew, Nicholas jun QS17/2/1/8
Andrew, Robert QS17/2/2/3b
Andrew, Roger NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Andrew, Thomas QS17/2/4/4b
Andrew, William QS17/2/1/8
Andrew, William QS17/2/2/15b
Andrew, William QS17/2/2/7c
Andrew, William QS17/2/4/9a
Andrews, Catherine QS17/2/6/1j
Andrews, Dorothy QS17/2/4/5a
Andrews, Edward QS17/2/1/11b
Andrews, Eleanor QS17/2/3/10
Andrews, Elias QS17/2/4/6d
Andrews, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/2b
Andrews, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/1c
Andrews, Francis QS17/2/4/9b
Andrews, George QS17/2/1/9b
Andrews, Gregory QS17/2/1/7a
Andrews, Henry QS17/2/1/11d
Andrews, Joan QS17/2/1/11b
Andrews, John QS17/2/1/8
Andrews, John QS17/2/2/2a
Andrews, John QS17/2/2/3b
Andrews, John QS17/2/2/4a
Andrews, John QS17/2/4/5a
Andrews, John QS17/2/4/6d
Andrews, Mary QS17/2/4/3a
Andrews, Mary QS17/2/6/1c
Andrews, Nicholas QS17/2/2/13
Andrews, Nicholas QS17/2/4/7a
Andrews, Peter QS17/2/1/7b
Andrews, Peter QS17/2/6/1c
Andrews, Rachel QS17/2/4/7c
Andrews, Richard QS17/2/1/11d
Andrews, Richard QS17/2/1/12a
Andrews, Susanna QS17/2/1/12a
Andrews, Thomas QS17/2/1/6
Andrews, William QS17/2/1/7b
Andrews, William QS17/2/2/18
Andrwes, Laurence QS17/2/2/2b
Andrws, Mary QS17/2/6/1b
Aneare, John QS17/2/2/15b
Anger, Margaret QS17/2/4/5a
Anley, Emlin QS17/2/5/3a
Anley, Maria QS17/2/5/3a
Anley, Susanna QS17/2/5/3a
Anly, Abigail QS17/2/3/4
Annesly, Judith QS17/2/1/11d
Anning, Henry QS17/2/2/18
Anning, James QS17/2/2/17a
Anning, John QS17/2/2/17b
Anning, Richard QS17/2/5/2b
Anning, Susan QS17/2/5/3a
Anning, Susanna QS17/2/2/17a
Anning, William QS17/2/2/17a
Annis, Absolom QS17/2/1/8
Anse, Mary NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Anstay, William QS17/2/4/3b
Anstey, Richard QS17/2/2/15a
Ansti, Richard QS17/2/2/7a
Anstie, John QS17/2/3/11a
Anstie, John sen QS17/2/3/11a
Anstie, Margaret QS17/2/3/11a
Anstie, William QS17/2/3/11a
Anstis, Eleanor QS17/2/5/4a
Anstis, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/12b
Anstis, Gregory QS17/2/2/4b (2)
Anstis, John QS17/2/4/2a
Anstis, Thomas QS17/2/3/13e
Anstis?, Gregory QS17/2/2/4b
Ansty, Thomas QS17/2/5/2b
Anthony, Bartholomew QS17/2/3/7e
Anthony, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Anthony, John QS17/2/2/3a
Anthony, Thomas QS17/2/2/2b
Aplin, John QS17/2/5/5a
Aplin, Robert QS17/2/2/9b
Aplin, Thomas QS17/2/4/8c
Aplin, William QS17/2/4/8c (2)
Apling, Robert QS17/2/4/8a
Apter, John QS17/2/4/6d
Apter, John QS17/2/4/7c
Apter, Robert QS17/2/1/3b
Apter, Valentine QS17/2/4/9a
Aram, Humphrey QS17/2/3/6
Aram, Thomas Exeter 2
Arbery, William QS17/2/2/17b
Arboury, James QS17/2/2/17b
Archer, Agnes QS17/2/3/9
Archer, Edward QS17/2/4/6d
Archer, John QS17/2/1/6
Archer, John QS17/2/3/8a
Archer, John QS17/2/4/6b
Archer, Josias QS17/2/3/9
Archer, Mary QS17/2/3/9
Archer, Mary QS17/2/4/7a
Archer, Mary QS17/2/5/2b
Archer, Samuel QS17/2/1/4
Archer, Sarah QS17/2/6/1j
Archer, William QS17/2/1/4
Archer, William QS17/2/4/6b
Archipole, Edith Exeter 2
Arendal, Mary QS17/2/2/3b
Arendal, Thomas QS17/2/2/3b
Armage, Ursula QS17/2/4/4c
Arnell, John QS17/2/4/6d
Arnold, John Exeter 2
Arnold, John QS17/2/2/5b
Arnold, John QS17/2/2/7c
Arnold, Nicholas QS17/2/2/5b
Arnold, William QS17/2/2/13
Arnold, William QS17/2/2/5a
Arnoll, Margaret QS17/2/2/9b
Arnoll, Susanna QS17/2/2/6
Arscot, John QS17/2/2/14c
Arscot, John QS17/2/4/2a
Arscot, John QS17/2/6/1a
Arscot, Moses QS17/2/5/1c
Arscot, William QS17/2/4/2a
Arscott, Agnes QS17/2/4/2d
Arscott, Eliza: QS17/2/5/2d
Arscott, Francis QS17/2/2/5b
Arscott, George QS17/2/4/2d
Arscott, Gwen QS17/2/4/2c
Arscott, Hannah QS17/2/2/17b
Arscott, Henry QS17/2/5/3b
Arscott, John QS17/2/2/5b
Arscott, John QS17/2/4/2a
Arscott, Mary QS17/2/3/8b
Arscott, Ralph QS17/2/2/9a
Arscott, Richard QS17/2/2/2b
Arscott, Richard QS17/2/2/5b
Arscott, Richard QS17/2/5/1a
Arscott, William QS17/2/3/8a
Arscott, William QS17/2/6/1j
Arter?, Abraham QS17/2/3/11a
Arther, Hieram QS17/2/4/3a
Arthur, Aminadab QS17/2/5/1c
Arthur, Anne Exeter 2
Arthur, Christopher QS17/2/4/8c
Arthur, Dorothy QS17/2/6/1b
Arthur, Edward QS17/2/5/3b
Arthur, George QS17/2/4/5d
Arthur, Hannah Exeter 2
Arthur, Henry QS17/2/1/7a
Arthur, James QS17/2/1/4 (2)
Arthur, James QS17/2/2/3b
Arthur, James QS17/2/4/6c
Arthur, John QS17/2/1/4
Arthur, John QS17/2/2/18
Arthur, John QS17/2/3/8a
Arthur, Martha QS17/2/5/4c
Arthur, Nicholas Exeter 2
Arthur, Nicholas QS17/2/5/4c
Arthur, Nicholas jun Exeter 2
Arthur, William QS17/2/4/5d
Arthur, Zachary QS17/2/2/15b
Arundell, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Arundell, John QS17/2/3/11a
Arundell, Samuel Exeter 2
Ash, Alexander QS17/2/3/7e
Ash, Anne QS17/2/3/2a
Ash, Edward QS17/2/2/3b
Ash, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/2a
Ash, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1j
Ash, George QS17/2/3/2a
Ash, James QS17/2/2/3b
Ash, John QS17/2/3/2a
Ash, John QS17/2/5/2b
Ash, Nathaniel QS17/2/1/5i
Ash, Nicholas QS17/2/4/2d
Ash, Samuel Exeter 2
Ashdon, Agnes QS17/2/2/9b
Ashelford, Nicholas QS17/2/3/12a
Ashelford, Richard QS17/2/3/12b
Ashem, William NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Ashford, Anne QS17/2/2/2a
Ashford, Bartholomew QS17/2/3/9
Ashford, Dorothy QS17/2/3/1a
Ashford, Jane QS17/2/3/3a (2)
Ashford, John QS17/2/1/2
Ashford, John QS17/2/3/2a (2)
Ashford, John QS17/2/4/9a
Ashford, John QS17/2/5/1c
Ashford, Joseph QS17/2/3/2a
Ashford, Mary QS17/2/1/2
Ashford, Mary QS17/2/5/3a
Ashford, Thomas QS17/2/3/4
Ashley, Jacob QS17/2/4/7c
Ashon, John QS17/2/2/9b
Ashplant, John QS17/2/3/12b
Ashton, Alice QS17/2/2/9a
Ashton, Francis QS17/2/2/9b
Ashton, James QS17/2/2/9a
Ashton, John QS17/2/2/9a
Ashton, Trephana QS17/2/2/9a
Ashton, William NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Ashweeke, Edward QS17/2/1/6
Atkey, Richard Exeter 2
Atkin, James Exeter 1
Atkin, John Exeter 1
Atkins, Henry QS17/2/3/5
Atkins, John QS17/2/2/9b
Atkins, Joseph QS17/2/2/15b
Atkins, Peter QS17/2/3/5
Atkins, Robert Exeter 2
Atkins, William QS17/2/2/16a
Atkinson, Joseph Exeter 2
Atleigh, Anna QS17/2/3/1b
Atley, John QS17/2/5/4a
Atley, Mary QS17/2/5/4a (2)
Atwel, John QS17/2/2/3b
Atwell, David QS17/2/2/3b
Atwell, Eleanor QS17/2/2/3b
Atwell, Robert QS17/2/2/3b
Atwell, Tristram QS17/2/2/3b
Atwill, Benjamin Exeter 2
Atwill, Jane QS17/2/3/13f
Atwill, John QS17/2/3/10
Atwill, Sarah Exeter 2
Atwill, Susanna QS17/2/4/1
Atwill, William QS17/2/4/6d
Aubrey, Joan QS17/2/5/3a
Austen, John QS17/2/3/4
Austen, Nicholas QS17/2/3/2b
Austen, Roger QS17/2/2/4a
Austin, Charity QS17/2/3/1b
Austin, John QS17/2/4/9a
Austin, Richard QS17/2/3/3b
Austin, Sarah QS17/2/5/4a
Austin, Thomas QS17/2/2/9b
Austin, William QS17/2/3/2b
Austine, Charles QS17/2/1/10
Auton, John QS17/2/5/4a
Avant, Edmund QS17/2/2/2b
Avant, John QS17/2/1/4
Avant, John QS17/2/3/8b
Avenant, Jeffery QS17/2/1/3b
Avent, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/2a
Avent, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/2b
Avent, Henry QS17/2/2/2a
Avent, Jacob QS17/2/2/2b
Avent, Jeffery QS17/2/4/1
Avent, John QS17/2/2/2a (3)
Avent, John QS17/2/2/2b (2)
Avent, Mary QS17/2/1/11d
Avent, Mary QS17/2/2/2a
Avent, Philip QS17/2/2/2b
Avent, Phillipa QS17/2/3/2b
Avent, Thomas QS17/2/2/2b (2)
Avent, Tristram QS17/2/5/5b
Averey, Susanna QS17/2/2/10b
Avery, Catherine QS17/2/2/1e
Avery, Edward QS17/2/3/8b
Avery, Edward QS17/2/6/1c
Avery, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/11a
Avery, Gertrude QS17/2/2/11b
Avery, John QS17/2/2/3a
Avery, John QS17/2/3/6
Avery, Joseph QS17/2/1/11b
Avery, Mary Exeter 2
Avery, Mary QS17/2/1/11b
Avery, Mary QS17/2/2/11a
Avery, Mary QS17/2/5/2b
Avery, Mathew QS17/2/1/11d
Avery, Mathew QS17/2/2/3a
Avery, Nathaniel QS17/2/2/2a
Avery, Richard QS17/2/2/11b
Avery, Robert QS17/2/3/6
Avery, Samuel QS17/2/1/11b
Avery, Samuel QS17/2/2/1c
Avery, Samuel jun QS17/2/2/1c
Avery, Sarah QS17/2/6/1c
Avery, Simon QS17/2/4/2a
Avery, Susanna QS17/2/2/4b
Avery, Thomas Exeter 2
Avery, William QS17/2/2/1c
Awse, John NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Awse, Michael QS17/2/7/1
Awton, Humphrey QS17/2/5/2b
Axe, John QS17/2/4/2d
Axe, Margaret QS17/2/2/15b
Axford, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1c
Axford, John QS17/2/2/7c
Axford, Martha QS17/2/2/7c
Axford, Richard QS17/2/2/7c
Axford, Richard jun QS17/2/5/3b
Axon, John QS17/2/4/1
Axon, Thomas QS17/2/3/5
Axworthy, John QS17/2/2/2a
Axworthy, John QS17/2/2/4a
Ayer, John QS17/2/2/9a
Ayer, Mary QS17/2/3/1b
Aynell, John QS17/2/5/4c
Aynell, John QS17/2/5/5a
Aynell, Mary QS17/2/4/9b
Aynell, Mary QS17/2/5/4c
Aynell, Theophilus QS17/2/5/4c
Aynell, Wilmot QS17/2/5/4c
Ayre, Alexander QS17/2/3/12b
Ayre, Arthur QS17/2/3/6
Ayre, Dorothy QS17/2/6/1j
Ayre, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/5
Ayre, George QS17/2/3/5
Ayre, Henry QS17/2/3/8a
Ayre, Joan QS17/2/6/1a
Ayre, John QS17/2/2/15b
Ayre, Mary QS17/2/3/6
Ayre, Richard QS17/2/3/12b
Ayre, Robert QS17/2/5/1a
Ayre, Robert QS17/2/5/5a
Ayre, Thomas QS17/2/3/12b
Ayre, Thomas QS17/2/3/6
Ayre, William QS17/2/2/9a
Ayres, Grace QS17/2/5/2b
Ayres, Margaret QS17/2/5/3a
Ayres, Mark QS17/2/2/15b
Aysford, John QS17/2/2/17a
Aysford, William QS17/2/2/17a
Aysh, Alexander QS17/2/2/14c
Ayshford, John QS17/2/1/11d
Ayshford, John QS17/2/3/3a