Index of Surnames. Names starting with H.

H...?, Catherine QS17/2/2/9b
H...?, Edward QS17/2/3/4
H...g?, Henry QS17/2/2/11a, Mary QS17/2/2/9b
Hacch, Margaret NDRO 2558-2/102/1.6
Hacche, John QS17/2/1/12b
Hacche, John QS17/2/2/5a
Hacche, John QS17/2/3/5 (2)
Hacche, Sarah QS17/2/3/5
Haccombe, Joane QS17/2/3/2a (2)
Hacker, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/2d
Hacker, John QS17/2/1/9a
Hacker, Priscilla Exeter 2
Hackham, Hannah QS17/2/4/8a
Hackham, Joan QS17/2/3/2a (2)
Hackham, Julian QS17/2/6/1a
Hackom, John QS17/2/3/2a
Hackwell, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Hackwell, John Exeter 2
Hackwell, John QS17/2/2/10c
Hackwell, Thomas Exeter 2
Hackwill, Agnes QS17/2/2/10b
Hackwill, Jeremiah QS17/2/2/10b
Hackwill, Thomas QS17/2/2/13
Haddon, Christopher QS17/2/2/16b
Haddon, John QS17/2/6/1j
Haddon, Thomas QS17/2/5/1c
Haddy, John Exeter 1
Haddy, Mary Exeter 2
Hagedot, Christopher QS17/2/5/3b
Hagley, Mary QS17/2/2/16a
Hagley, Richard QS17/2/3/12a
Hagly, Thomas QS17/2/4/2d
Haine, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/8
Haine, John QS17/2/2/4a
Haines, Bartholomew QS17/2/2/9b
Haines, George QS17/2/3/13b
Haines, James QS17/2/2/9a
Haines, John QS17/2/2/6
Haird?, Arminall NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Hake, Christopher QS17/2/2/2a
Hake, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/11c
Hake, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/2a
Hake, Henry QS17/2/2/15b
Hake, Henry QS17/2/4/3b
Hake, Jane QS17/2/2/2a (2)
Hake, John QS17/2/2/2a
Hake, John QS17/2/2/2b
Hake, Katherine QS17/2/2/2b
Hake, Laurence QS17/2/3/7e
Hake, Mary QS17/2/2/2b
Hake, Richard QS17/2/5/5a
Hake, William QS17/2/2/15b
Hake, William QS17/2/2/2a
Hale, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Haley, Richard QS17/2/4/6b
Halfeyard, Richard QS17/2/1/3b
Halfyard, John QS17/2/3/4
Hall, Abraham QS17/2/2/1e
Hall, Anne QS17/2/3/8b
Hall, Anne QS17/2/5/4c
Hall, Charles QS17/2/3/4
Hall, Christopher NDRO 2558-2/102/1.3
Hall, Edmund QS17/2/4/6c
Hall, Edward QS17/2/1/3a
Hall, Eulalia QS17/2/2/4b
Hall, Frances QS17/2/5/3b
Hall, Joan QS17/2/4/1
Hall, John QS17/2/1/1
Hall, John QS17/2/3/2a
Hall, John QS17/2/3/4 (2)
Hall, John QS17/2/3/7a
Hall, John QS17/2/4/6c
Hall, Joseph QS17/2/1/4
Hall, Joseph jun QS17/2/1/4
Hall, Joshua QS17/2/1/2
Hall, Mary QS17/2/4/1
Hall, Mary QS17/2/4/2d
Hall, Mary QS17/2/5/2b
Hall, Michael QS17/2/4/1
Hall, Nicholas QS17/2/3/9
Hall, Philip QS17/2/3/4
Hall, Richard QS17/2/2/16b
Hall, Richard QS17/2/3/4 (2)
Hall, Richard QS17/2/4/7c
Hall, Richard jun QS17/2/6/1j
Hall, Robert QS17/2/2/5b
Hall, Samuel QS17/2/4/2d
Hall, Sarah QS17/2/3/9
Hall, Susanna QS17/2/1/2
Hall, Thomas QS17/2/2/4a
Hall, Thomas QS17/2/3/9
Hall, Thomas QS17/2/4/4c
Hall, Thomas QS17/2/4/8c
Hall, William QS17/2/3/3b
Hall, William QS17/2/3/4
Hall, William QS17/2/4/1
Hall, William QS17/2/4/8c
Hall, William QS17/2/6/1a
Hallatt, Isabella QS17/2/6/1c
Hallatt, William QS17/2/6/1c
Hallet, Joseph sen Exeter 2
Hallet, Richard QS17/2/2/17a
Hallet, Simon QS17/2/2/17a
Hallet, Susanna QS17/2/5/2a
Hallet, Thomas QS17/2/2/17a
Hallett, Elizabeth Exeter 2 (2)
Hallett, John QS17/2/2/18
Hallett, Joseph jun Exeter 2
Hallett, Roger Exeter 2
Hallett, Walter QS17/2/2/18
Hallett, William QS17/2/2/18
Halls, Baldwin QS17/2/2/13
Halls, Charles QS17/2/2/1e
Halls, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/13
Halmead, Agnes QS17/2/5/5a
Hals, Tristram QS17/2/1/7a
Halse, Anne QS17/2/4/7a
Halse, Christopher QS17/2/4/6c
Halse, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/12b
Halse, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/5d
Halse, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/5a
Halse, Joane QS17/2/1/7a
Halse, John QS17/2/2/17b
Halse, John QS17/2/3/3b
Halse, John QS17/2/3/9
Halse, John QS17/2/4/8c
Halse, Margaret QS17/2/3/4
Halse, Mathew QS17/2/3/3b
Halse, Richard Exeter 2
Halse, Susanna QS17/2/4/6c
Halse, William NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1 (2)
Halse, William QS17/2/3/12b
Halse?, Anne QS17/2/1/7a
Halse?, John QS17/2/2/4a
Halsell, Robert QS17/2/1/7a
Halstaffe, John Exeter 2
Halswell, Ephrahim QS17/2/3/11a
Ham, Abraham QS17/2/2/17b
Ham, Edward QS17/2/2/17b
Ham, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/2
Ham, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/8c
Ham, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/1c
Ham, Francis QS17/2/2/17b
Ham, Henry QS17/2/2/3b
Ham, Henry QS17/2/3/1a
Ham, Jane QS17/2/1/11a
Ham, Joan QS17/2/4/9a
Ham, John QS17/2/2/14a
Ham, John QS17/2/2/3a
Ham, Joseph QS17/2/2/17b
Ham, Joseph QS17/2/3/2a
Ham, Joseph QS17/2/4/4c
Ham, Rebecca QS17/2/2/4a
Ham, Richard QS17/2/3/8a
Ham, Richard QS17/2/5/3a
Ham, Samuel QS17/2/4/4c
Ham, Sarah QS17/2/4/4c
Hamblin, Thomas QS17/2/6/1j
Hamblin, William QS17/2/4/5c
Hambly, Joan QS17/2/2/8
Hamblyn, Alice QS17/2/4/5c
Hamblyn, Honour QS17/2/2/10b
Hamblyn, John QS17/2/2/2b
Hamblyn, Mary QS17/2/2/2b
Hamblyn, Richard QS17/2/2/2b
Hamblyn, Walter QS17/2/2/2a
Hamblyn, William QS17/2/2/9b
Hame, Mathew QS17/2/2/3b
Hamett, William QS17/2/3/1b
Hamford, Amos QS17/2/2/5b
Hamick, Stephen QS17/2/1/11d
Hamley, Alexander QS17/2/3/9
Hamley, John QS17/2/1/1
Hamley, Wilmot QS17/2/3/9
Hamlin, James QS17/2/4/6d
Hamlin, Jane QS17/2/5/1c
Hamlin, John QS17/2/1/8
Hamlin, John QS17/2/2/10a
Hamlin, John QS17/2/5/1c
Hamlin, Stephen QS17/2/4/8b
Hamlin, Thomas QS17/2/4/7c
Hamlin, Thomas QS17/2/4/8b
Hamlin, Walter QS17/2/4/6d
Hamling, Nicholas QS17/2/2/3b
Hamling, Thomas QS17/2/5/1c
Hamling, William QS17/2/2/9a
Hamly, Henry QS17/2/2/7d
Hamly, William QS17/2/2/7d
Hamlyn, Anstis QS17/2/4/9a
Hamlyn, Anstis QS17/2/4/9b
Hamlyn, Anthony jun QS17/2/2/9a
Hamlyn, Anthony sen QS17/2/2/9a
Hamlyn, Dyonis QS17/2/4/7c
Hamlyn, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/7a
Hamlyn, Francis QS17/2/4/7a
Hamlyn, George QS17/2/1/12a
Hamlyn, Giles QS17/2/1/4
Hamlyn, Henry QS17/2/4/9a
Hamlyn, Hugh QS17/2/4/9b
Hamlyn, James QS17/2/1/7a
Hamlyn, James QS17/2/1/7b
Hamlyn, James QS17/2/6/1d
Hamlyn, Joan QS17/2/4/7a
Hamlyn, Joan QS17/2/4/7c
Hamlyn, Joan QS17/2/5/2b
Hamlyn, Joane QS17/2/5/5a
Hamlyn, John Exeter 2
Hamlyn, Margery Exeter 2
Hamlyn, Peter QS17/2/1/7a
Hamlyn, Richard QS17/2/1/3b
Hamlyn, Richard QS17/2/1/8
Hamlyn, Richard QS17/2/2/2b
Hamlyn, Robert QS17/2/3/11a
Hamlyn, Thomas QS17/2/1/7a
Hamlyn, Thomas QS17/2/4/6d
Hamlyn, Thomas jun QS17/2/1/7a
Hamlyn, William QS17/2/1/11a
Hamlyn, William QS17/2/1/2
Hamlyn, William QS17/2/4/7c (2)
Hamm, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/1a
Hamm, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1j
Hamm, John QS17/2/6/1j
Hamm, Judith QS17/2/2/4b
Hammack, Arthur QS17/2/1/7a
Hammacott, George QS17/2/2/10b
Hammacott, John QS17/2/3/5
Hammet, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/7a
Hammet, Jane QS17/2/3/11b
Hammet, Joan QS17/2/3/12b
Hammet, Robert QS17/2/4/7c
Hammet, William QS17/2/3/12a
Hammett, Beatrice QS17/2/2/7d
Hammett, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1a
Hammett, Grace QS17/2/2/9b
Hammett, Hannah NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Hammett, Jane QS17/2/2/9b
Hammett, Jane QS17/2/4/2d
Hammett, Joel QS17/2/4/2a
Hammett, John QS17/2/2/10b
Hammett, John QS17/2/2/7d
Hammett, John QS17/2/2/8
Hammett, John QS17/2/2/9a
Hammett, John QS17/2/4/2d
Hammett, Susanna QS17/2/4/2a
Hammett, Thomas QS17/2/6/1a
Hammett, Thomazin QS17/2/2/9a
Hammett, William QS17/2/6/1a
Hammett?, [illegible] QS17/2/2/7c
Hammick, Hannah QS17/2/3/13f
Hammick, John QS17/2/1/11d
Hammick, Margaret QS17/2/1/11d
Hammick, Robert QS17/2/1/12a
Hammick, Thomazin QS17/2/2/2a
Hammit, John QS17/2/4/7c
Hammond, Edward QS17/2/2/11a
Hammond, Francis Exeter 2
Hammond, Hugh QS17/2/2/11b
Hammond, Hugh QS17/2/2/12b
Hammond, John QS17/2/2/12b
Hammond, Katherine QS17/2/2/15a
Hammond, Sarah NDRO 2558-2/102/1.3
Hammond, William QS17/2/2/12b
Hammott, John QS17/2/2/13
Hammott, John QS17/2/2/5b
Hamond, Andrew QS17/2/2/12b
Hamond, John QS17/2/2/10c
Hanaford, Andrew QS17/2/1/8
Hanam, Edward QS17/2/2/18
Hanbury, Anne QS17/2/3/1b
Hanbury, Edward QS17/2/1/1
Hanbury, Edward jun QS17/2/1/1
Hancock, Honour QS17/2/2/4a
Hancock, James Exeter 2
Hancock, John QS17/2/2/11a
Hancock, Justinian QS17/2/2/11b
Hancock, Luke Exeter 2
Hancock, Peter QS17/2/2/4b
Hancock, Richard QS17/2/2/11a
Hancocke, Thomas QS17/2/2/9a
Hancocke, William QS17/2/2/7d
Handcock, Peter QS17/2/2/4b
Handcock, Roger QS17/2/1/12a
Handford, Eleanor QS17/2/3/6
Handford, George QS17/2/2/15a
Handford, George QS17/2/2/1e
Handford, James QS17/2/3/6
Handleigh, Thomas QS17/2/1/1
Handly, Vivian QS17/2/2/4b
Hane, Joan QS17/2/6/1c
Hanford, Joan QS17/2/2/9b
Hanford, John QS17/2/2/15a
Hanford, William QS17/2/3/5
Hanford, William jun QS17/2/3/5
Hanger, Thomas QS17/2/2/9b
Hanger, William QS17/2/2/7d
Hanmer, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/13f
Hanmore?, William QS17/2/2/12b
Hann, Elias Exeter 2
Hann, Sarah QS17/2/5/4a
Hannabus, Henry jun QS17/2/4/3b
Hannabus, Henry sen QS17/2/4/3b
Hannabus, Mary QS17/2/4/3b
Hannabus, Philip QS17/2/4/3b
Hannaford, Agnes QS17/2/4/7c
Hannaford, Agnes QS17/2/5/4c
Hannaford, Andrew QS17/2/1/8
Hannaford, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/7a
Hannaford, Henry QS17/2/4/6d
Hannaford, Jacob QS17/2/1/6
Hannaford, John QS17/2/4/9a
Hannaford, John QS17/2/4/9b
Hannaford, John QS17/2/5/5a
Hannaford, Mary QS17/2/4/7a
Hannaford, Richard QS17/2/4/6d
Hannaford, Robert QS17/2/4/6d
Hannaford, Robert QS17/2/4/7c
Hannaford, Roger QS17/2/4/7c
Hannaford, Samuel QS17/2/4/9a
Hannaford, Samuel QS17/2/5/5a
Hannaford, William QS17/2/1/6
Hanniford, George QS17/2/1/7b
Hanniford, Samuel QS17/2/4/7c
Hanover, Jane QS17/2/3/4
Hanover, Mary QS17/2/4/1
Hanover, Richard QS17/2/2/3b
Hanse?, James QS17/2/2/3a
Hansford, Alice QS17/2/6/1c
Hansford, Silas QS17/2/6/1c
Hanworthy, George QS17/2/1/7a
Hanworthy, John QS17/2/3/9
Hanzey, Joanna QS17/2/6/1b
Harbin, Sarah QS17/2/4/5a
Harchell, Richard QS17/2/2/14c
Harcombe, John QS17/2/4/9a
Harden, John QS17/2/5/3b
Harden, Julian QS17/2/4/4c
Harden, Thomas QS17/2/4/4c
Harden, Thomsaine QS17/2/4/8c
Harder, Catherine QS17/2/2/10c
Harder, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1e
Harding, Amy QS17/2/1/11a
Harding, Bridget QS17/2/4/8c
Harding, George QS17/2/2/15b
Harding, Henry QS17/2/2/12b
Harding, John QS17/2/2/10b
Harding, John QS17/2/2/9b
Harding, John QS17/2/3/1b
Harding, Jonas QS17/2/2/1e
Harding, Joseph QS17/2/3/2a
Harding, Nayomy QS17/2/1/11a
Harding, Nicholas QS17/2/1/11b
Harding, Richard QS17/2/2/10c
Harding, Richard QS17/2/5/4a
Harding, Robert QS17/2/2/10b
Harding, Thomas QS17/2/6/1b
Harding, Timothy QS17/2/2/12b
Harding, William QS17/2/2/10c
Harding, William jun QS17/2/2/12b
Hardy, Joan QS17/2/1/10
Hardy, Joseph QS17/2/1/11b
Hardy, Richard QS17/2/1/11b
Hardy, Roger QS17/2/2/11a
Hardy, William QS17/2/2/10c
Hare, Edward QS17/2/3/4 (2)
Hare, Hannah QS17/2/3/4
Hare, Honour QS17/2/2/2a
Hare, James QS17/2/3/3a
Hare, Jane QS17/2/5/4a
Hare, Joanna QS17/2/5/4a (2)
Hare, John QS17/2/2/7b
Hare, John QS17/2/3/2b
Hare, John QS17/2/3/3a
Hare, Nicholas QS17/2/4/6b
Hare, Rebecca QS17/2/4/8c
Hare, Thomas QS17/2/3/2a
Hare, Thomas QS17/2/3/4
Hare, Thomas jun QS17/2/3/2a
Hare, William QS17/2/1/12a
Harford, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Harford, John QS17/2/2/6
Harford, Mary QS17/2/2/6
Harford, Rebecca QS17/2/3/11a
Harle, Thomas QS17/2/2/3a
Harlowin, Margaret QS17/2/3/3a
Harlowyn, Mary QS17/2/5/2b
Harmar, Richard QS17/2/2/18
Harner, Charity QS17/2/2/16b
Harner, John QS17/2/2/18
Harper, Edward QS17/2/2/10c
Harper, Edward QS17/2/2/11b
Harper, Edward QS17/2/2/17b
Harper, George QS17/2/2/11b
Harper, Joan QS17/2/3/3a
Harper, John QS17/2/2/2a
Harper, Thomas QS17/2/3/8a
Harracot, Margaret QS17/2/3/12b
Harrington, Jane QS17/2/2/7c
Harrington, William QS17/2/2/7c
Harris, Aaron QS17/2/4/3a
Harris, Abraham QS17/2/2/10c
Harris, Adam QS17/2/2/13
Harris, Alice Exeter 2
Harris, Alice QS17/2/2/16b
Harris, Alice QS17/2/4/6d
Harris, Andrew QS17/2/1/7a
Harris, Anne QS17/2/2/14c
Harris, Anthony QS17/2/2/10b
Harris, Anthony QS17/2/4/8b
Harris, Arthur QS17/2/2/8
Harris, Arthur QS17/2/5/5b
Harris, Baldwin QS17/2/3/11a (2)
Harris, Baldwin QS17/2/5/3b
Harris, Beatrice QS17/2/6/1d
Harris, Benedict QS17/2/2/4b
Harris, Catherine QS17/2/4/3a
Harris, Charles QS17/2/2/12b
Harris, Charles QS17/2/3/3a
Harris, Christian QS17/2/3/9
Harris, Christopher QS17/2/3/4
Harris, David QS17/2/2/8 (2)
Harris, Degory QS17/2/3/2a
Harris, Dorothea QS17/2/6/1f
Harris, Edward QS17/2/3/4
Harris, Edward QS17/2/4/7c
Harris, Elias QS17/2/4/8a
Harris, Elizabeth NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Harris, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/8
Harris, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/16b (2)
Harris, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/7e
Harris, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/8c
Harris, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/2b
Harris, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/2d
Harris, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/4c
Harris, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1d
Harris, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1f
Harris, Emanuel QS17/2/2/7d
Harris, Frances Exeter 2
Harris, Francis QS17/2/2/16b
Harris, Francis QS17/2/3/1b
Harris, George QS17/2/1/12a
Harris, George QS17/2/2/11a
Harris, George QS17/2/2/1e
Harris, George QS17/2/2/4b
Harris, Gertrude Exeter 2
Harris, Giles QS17/2/3/4
Harris, Grace QS17/2/2/7d
Harris, Grace QS17/2/4/1
Harris, Henry QS17/2/3/11a
Harris, Henry QS17/2/4/1
Harris, Hester QS17/2/6/1d
Harris, Honour QS17/2/5/1c
Harris, Hugh QS17/2/1/11d
Harris, Hugh QS17/2/4/9a
Harris, Humphrey QS17/2/6/1a
Harris, James QS17/2/1/7a
Harris, James QS17/2/2/10b
Harris, James QS17/2/2/3b
Harris, James QS17/2/3/11a
Harris, James QS17/2/6/1c
Harris, Jane QS17/2/3/11a
Harris, Jeffery QS17/2/2/11a
Harris, Joan QS17/2/3/11a
Harris, Joan QS17/2/4/3a
Harris, Joan QS17/2/5/3a
Harris, Joan QS17/2/6/1e
Harris, Joane QS17/2/7/1
Harris, John Exeter 1
Harris, John Exeter 2
Harris, John QS17/2/1/11a
Harris, John QS17/2/1/12a
Harris, John QS17/2/1/3a
Harris, John QS17/2/1/5h
Harris, John QS17/2/1/7a
Harris, John QS17/2/2/10b
Harris, John QS17/2/2/10c (2)
Harris, John QS17/2/2/11b
Harris, John QS17/2/2/15b
Harris, John QS17/2/2/16a
Harris, John QS17/2/2/1e (3)
Harris, John QS17/2/2/2a (2)
Harris, John QS17/2/2/4b
Harris, John QS17/2/2/7a
Harris, John QS17/2/2/9b (2)
Harris, John QS17/2/3/4
Harris, John QS17/2/4/2a
Harris, John QS17/2/4/3a (2)
Harris, John QS17/2/4/9a
Harris, John QS17/2/5/1c
Harris, John QS17/2/5/2d
Harris, John jun QS17/2/3/8a
Harris, John jun QS17/2/4/5d
Harris, John sen QS17/2/3/11a
Harris, Joseph QS17/2/2/14a
Harris, Margaret QS17/2/3/11a
Harris, Martha QS17/2/1/6
Harris, Mary Exeter 2
Harris, Mary QS17/2/2/4b
Harris, Mary QS17/2/2/5a
Harris, Mary QS17/2/3/11a
Harris, Mary QS17/2/4/1
Harris, Mary QS17/2/4/8c
Harris, Mary QS17/2/6/1e
Harris, Mary QS17/2/6/1j
Harris, Mary Anne QS17/2/2/4b
Harris, Mathew QS17/2/1/4
Harris, Michael QS17/2/2/11a (2)
Harris, Mr John QS17/2/2/4a
Harris, Mr Thomas QS17/2/2/4a
Harris, Mrs Mary Anne QS17/2/2/4a
Harris, Nathaniel QS17/2/2/11b
Harris, Nathaniel QS17/2/4/6c
Harris, Nicholas QS17/2/1/8
Harris, Nicholas QS17/2/2/15b
Harris, Nicholas QS17/2/4/3a
Harris, Nicholas QS17/2/4/4c
Harris, Peter QS17/2/2/13
Harris, Philip QS17/2/2/11b
Harris, Philip QS17/2/2/3a (2)
Harris, Philip QS17/2/3/13b
Harris, Rebecca QS17/2/6/1d
Harris, Richard QS17/2/2/11a (2)
Harris, Richard QS17/2/2/2b
Harris, Richard QS17/2/2/3b
Harris, Richard QS17/2/2/7a
Harris, Richard QS17/2/4/6d
Harris, Richard QS17/2/4/7a
Harris, Richard QS17/2/4/7c (2)
Harris, Richard jun QS17/2/4/7c
Harris, Robert QS17/2/2/10c
Harris, Robert QS17/2/3/12b
Harris, Robert QS17/2/4/5d
Harris, Roger QS17/2/2/4b
Harris, Roger QS17/2/3/12b
Harris, Roger QS17/2/3/8a
Harris, Rupert QS17/2/1/8
Harris, Samuel QS17/2/2/10c
Harris, Samuel QS17/2/3/4
Harris, Sarah QS17/2/1/10
Harris, Sarah QS17/2/5/1c
Harris, Simon QS17/2/2/15b
Harris, Simon QS17/2/3/12a
Harris, Stephen QS17/2/2/11b
Harris, Stephen QS17/2/2/14c
Harris, Susanna QS17/2/2/3a (2)
Harris, Susanna QS17/2/5/4c
Harris, Susanna QS17/2/6/1e
Harris, Susannah QS17/2/2/7c
Harris, Theophilus QS17/2/3/11a
Harris, Thomas Exeter 2
Harris, Thomas QS17/2/1/11c
Harris, Thomas QS17/2/1/12b
Harris, Thomas QS17/2/1/4
Harris, Thomas QS17/2/1/7a
Harris, Thomas QS17/2/2/10c
Harris, Thomas QS17/2/2/11a
Harris, Thomas QS17/2/2/17b (2)
Harris, Thomas QS17/2/4/6c (2)
Harris, Thomas QS17/2/4/9a
Harris, Thomas jun QS17/2/2/10c
Harris, Thomasin QS17/2/5/2b
Harris, William NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Harris, William QS17/2/1/1
Harris, William QS17/2/1/4
Harris, William QS17/2/1/5d
Harris, William QS17/2/2/10c
Harris, William QS17/2/2/11b
Harris, William QS17/2/2/13
Harris, William QS17/2/2/16a
Harris, William QS17/2/2/2a
Harris, William QS17/2/2/7c
Harris, William QS17/2/3/11a
Harris, William QS17/2/3/7a
Harris, William QS17/2/4/3a
Harris, William QS17/2/5/1c
Harris, William QS17/2/6/1c
Harris, William QS17/2/7/1
Harris, William jun QS17/2/3/7a
Harris, Wilmot QS17/2/2/10c
Harris?, John QS17/2/2/9b
Harrison, Edward QS17/2/3/1a
Harrison, George QS17/2/3/7e
Harrison, John QS17/2/3/9
Harrison, Mary QS17/2/3/4
Harrison, Robert QS17/2/4/4c
Harry, Jane QS17/2/3/13e
Harry, Mary QS17/2/2/7a
Harry, Phillipa QS17/2/2/7a
Harry, Thomas QS17/2/2/7d
Harry, William QS17/2/2/7a
Harrys, Amy QS17/2/2/2a
Harrys, John QS17/2/2/2a
Hart, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/3b (2)
Hart, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1c
Hart, George QS17/2/4/4c
Hart, John Exeter 2
Hart, John QS17/2/2/4a
Hart, John QS17/2/2/8
Hart, Jonas QS17/2/1/2
Hart, Mary QS17/2/5/3b
Hart, Roger QS17/2/3/12b
Hart, Samuel QS17/2/1/12a
Hart, Samuel QS17/2/3/7e
Hart, Thomas QS17/2/2/11a
Hart, Thomas QS17/2/2/13
Hart, Thomas QS17/2/2/2a
Hartnoll, Agnes QS17/2/2/1c
Hartnoll, Charles QS17/2/2/1e
Hartnoll, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/2d
Hartnoll, James QS17/2/3/13b
Hartnoll, Jeffery QS17/2/2/10c
Hartnoll, Jeffery QS17/2/2/11b
Hartnoll, John QS17/2/2/10c (2)
Hartnoll, John QS17/2/2/11b
Hartnoll, John QS17/2/4/8a
Hartnoll, Mary QS17/2/4/2d
Hartnoll, Mary QS17/2/4/3b
Hartnoll, Mary QS17/2/5/2d
Hartnoll, Nicholas QS17/2/2/11b
Hartnoll, Nicholas jun QS17/2/2/11b
Hartnoll, Richard QS17/2/2/12b
Hartnoll, Thomas QS17/2/2/11b
Hartnoll, William QS17/2/2/12b
Harton, Joan QS17/2/2/11a
Harton, Richard QS17/2/2/11a
Harton, William QS17/2/2/11a (2)
Hartop, John QS17/2/2/5a
Hartop, Roger QS17/2/3/13e
Hartopp, Margery QS17/2/2/7d
Hartopp, William QS17/2/2/7d
Harvey, Agnes QS17/2/6/1a
Harvey, Anne QS17/2/2/2b
Harvey, Anne QS17/2/2/4a
Harvey, Bartholomew QS17/2/1/10
Harvey, Christopher QS17/2/2/18
Harvey, Christopher QS17/2/2/6
Harvey, Edmund QS17/2/2/14c
Harvey, Edward QS17/2/2/5b
Harvey, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/14a
Harvey, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/18 (2)
Harvey, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/7c
Harvey, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/11a
Harvey, Emanuel QS17/2/2/14a
Harvey, Humphrey QS17/2/3/10
Harvey, James QS17/2/1/11b
Harvey, Joanna QS17/2/2/17b
Harvey, John QS17/2/1/8
Harvey, John QS17/2/2/4a
Harvey, John QS17/2/2/4b
Harvey, John QS17/2/2/9b
Harvey, Lawrence QS17/2/5/4c
Harvey, Margaret QS17/2/2/4a
Harvey, Margaret QS17/2/5/4c
Harvey, Mary QS17/2/2/18
Harvey, Mary QS17/2/2/2b
Harvey, Mary QS17/2/4/7c
Harvey, Mary QS17/2/5/4c
Harvey, Peter QS17/2/1/4
Harvey, Philip QS17/2/2/4b
Harvey, Ralph QS17/2/6/1c
Harvey, Richard QS17/2/2/14a
Harvey, Richard QS17/2/2/7c
Harvey, Richard QS17/2/2/9b
Harvey, Richard QS17/2/3/12b
Harvey, Robert QS17/2/1/7b
Harvey, Robert QS17/2/2/2a
Harvey, Roger QS17/2/2/7b
Harvey, Sampson QS17/2/2/2b
Harvey, Samuel QS17/2/2/18 (2)
Harvey, Thomas QS17/2/2/8
Harvey, Thomas QS17/2/3/11a
Harvey, Walter QS17/2/2/2b
Harvey, William QS17/2/1/10
Harvey, William QS17/2/2/14c
Harvey, William QS17/2/2/2a
Harvey, William QS17/2/3/12b
Harvey?, Anthony QS17/2/1/8
Harvie, Anthony QS17/2/1/9a
Harvy, Anthony jun QS17/2/6/1a
Harvy, John QS17/2/2/4a
Harvy, Jonathan QS17/2/2/8
Harward, Amias Exeter 2
Harward, Catherine QS17/2/4/4c
Harward, Charles QS17/2/2/1c
Harward, Christian QS17/2/4/3a
Harward, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/1
Harward, George QS17/2/2/15b
Harward, John QS17/2/1/1
Harward, John QS17/2/4/3a
Harward, Lawrence QS17/2/2/9a
Harward, Lucy QS17/2/4/3a
Harward, Rebecca QS17/2/4/4c
Harward, Richard Exeter 2
Harwell, Roger QS17/2/1/7b
Harwood, Anne QS17/2/1/11d (2)
Harwood, Christopher QS17/2/3/4
Harwood, Frances QS17/2/2/13
Harwood, Jane QS17/2/2/16b
Harwood, Joane QS17/2/3/5
Harwood, John QS17/2/2/2b
Harwood, John QS17/2/3/5
Harwood, Joseph QS17/2/3/4
Harwood, Marmaduke QS17/2/2/16a
Harwood, Mary QS17/2/2/3a
Harwood, Mathew QS17/2/2/2b
Harwood, Richard QS17/2/1/11b
Harwood, Susanna QS17/2/1/11b
Hatch, John jun QS17/2/2/8
Hatch, Thomas QS17/2/2/2b
Hatch, Thomas QS17/2/6/1j
Hatch, Timothy QS17/2/2/2b
Hatche, John QS17/2/2/7c
Hatchett, Edward QS17/2/4/8a
Hatchfill, Susanna Exeter 2
Hatchwell, Henry QS17/2/2/16b
Hatchwell, Nicholas QS17/2/3/3b
Hatherlay, Margaret QS17/2/5/1a
Hatherleigh, George QS17/2/3/8a
Hatherley, Mary QS17/2/2/17b
Hatherly, Alexander QS17/2/5/1c
Hatherly, Bernard Exeter 2
Hatherly, Charles NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Hatherly, George QS17/2/3/8a
Hatherly, John QS17/2/2/8
Hatherly, John QS17/2/3/8a
Hatherly, Peter QS17/2/2/7d
Hatherly, Stephen QS17/2/5/1c
Hatherly, William QS17/2/5/5a
Hatson, Mary QS17/2/4/4c
Hatswell, Richard QS17/2/3/11a
Hatswell, Thomas QS17/2/3/11a
Havell, John QS17/2/3/3b
Havell, Thomas QS17/2/4/6b
Havill, John QS17/2/3/1b
Havise, Dorothy QS17/2/5/5a
Hawcker, Ephraim QS17/2/3/2a
Hawes, Henry QS17/2/6/1c
Hawk, John QS17/2/2/4b
Hawk, Thomas QS17/2/2/4b
Hawkcombe, John QS17/2/2/17b
Hawke, Charles QS17/2/2/7b
Hawke, Jonathan QS17/2/2/7a
Hawke, Peter QS17/2/2/2b
Hawke, Richard QS17/2/2/7d
Hawke, William QS17/2/2/4a
Hawker, James QS17/2/3/2a
Hawker, John Exeter 1
Hawker, Mary Exeter 2 (2)
Hawker, Mary QS17/2/5/3a
Hawker, Nathaniel QS17/2/5/3a
Hawker, Samuel QS17/2/2/17b
Hawker, Timothy QS17/2/2/17b
Hawkeridge, George Exeter 2
Hawkes, John QS17/2/6/1d
Hawkes, William QS17/2/6/1j
Hawkin, John QS17/2/2/12b
Hawkin, Stephen QS17/2/2/7b
Hawkin, Thomas QS17/2/2/4a
Hawkings, John QS17/2/1/11b
Hawkings, John QS17/2/4/3b
Hawkings, Nicholas QS17/2/1/11b
Hawkings, Richard QS17/2/2/3b
Hawkings, Richard QS17/2/5/3b
Hawkings, Stephen QS17/2/2/3b
Hawkins, Barnaby QS17/2/5/2b
Hawkins, Bridget QS17/2/6/1c
Hawkins, Chris: QS17/2/4/5d
Hawkins, Daniel QS17/2/2/1d
Hawkins, Daniel QS17/2/3/13e
Hawkins, Daniel jun QS17/2/6/1c
Hawkins, Dorcas QS17/2/4/5a (2)
Hawkins, Edward QS17/2/2/16a
Hawkins, Edward QS17/2/2/4a
Hawkins, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/5a
Hawkins, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1c
Hawkins, Henry Exeter 2
Hawkins, John QS17/2/1/11b
Hawkins, John QS17/2/3/12a
Hawkins, John QS17/2/3/9
Hawkins, Joseph Exeter 2
Hawkins, Joseph QS17/2/2/3a
Hawkins, Mary Exeter 2
Hawkins, Mary QS17/2/2/2b
Hawkins, Mary QS17/2/4/5d
Hawkins, Mary QS17/2/5/2d
Hawkins, Mary QS17/2/6/1c
Hawkins, Nicholas QS17/2/6/1j
Hawkins, Patience QS17/2/2/4b
Hawkins, Peter Exeter 2
Hawkins, Philip QS17/2/3/13e
Hawkins, Richard QS17/2/1/10
Hawkins, Richard QS17/2/2/4a
Hawkins, Richard QS17/2/3/13e (2)
Hawkins, Richard QS17/2/4/9a
Hawkins, Robert QS17/2/3/8b
Hawkins, Thomas QS17/2/2/10b
Hawkins, Thomas QS17/2/3/9
Hawkins, Thomasin QS17/2/6/1j
Hawkins, Vincent QS17/2/6/1c
Hawkins, William QS17/2/3/11b
Hawkridge, Laurence QS17/2/3/8a
Hawks, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/4b
Hawks, Joan QS17/2/2/2b
Hawks, John QS17/2/3/8a
Hawks, Tobias QS17/2/2/11b
Hawksford, Samuel QS17/2/2/4a
Hawton, George QS17/2/2/4a
Hawton, George QS17/2/5/3b
Hawton, Paul QS17/2/6/1j
Hawton, William QS17/2/6/1j
Hay, Thomas QS17/2/2/3a
Haycraft, Cornelius QS17/2/3/8a
Haycroft, Thomas QS17/2/3/2b
Haydon, Alice QS17/2/3/1b
Haydon, Catherine QS17/2/4/4c
Haydon, Daniel QS17/2/4/4c
Haydon, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/10
Haydon, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/4c
Haydon, Frances QS17/2/3/1b
Haydon, Gideon QS17/2/3/3a
Haydon, John QS17/2/2/13
Haydon, John QS17/2/3/4
Haydon, John QS17/2/3/7e
Haydon, John jun QS17/2/2/13
Haydon, Mary QS17/2/5/1c
Haydon, Richard QS17/2/4/3a
Haydon, Thomas QS17/2/3/3a
Haydon, Thomas QS17/2/6/1a
Haye, Agnes QS17/2/6/1c
Haye, Mary QS17/2/6/1c
Haye, Thomas QS17/2/2/3a
Hayer, Daniel QS17/2/2/7a
Hayes, William QS17/2/2/16a
Hayman, Ann QS17/2/5/2a
Hayman, Anne Exeter 2
Hayman, Anne QS17/2/3/2b
Hayman, Charity QS17/2/3/2b
Hayman, Christian QS17/2/5/5a
Hayman, Dorothy QS17/2/4/5a
Hayman, Elioner Exeter 2
Hayman, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/1b
Hayman, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/2a
Hayman, Florence QS17/2/4/8c
Hayman, Gawen QS17/2/1/11b
Hayman, George QS17/2/3/4
Hayman, George QS17/2/4/2a
Hayman, Grace QS17/2/4/8c
Hayman, Henry QS17/2/3/3a
Hayman, Henry QS17/2/3/4
Hayman, James QS17/2/5/3b
Hayman, James QS17/2/6/1j
Hayman, Jane Exeter 2
Hayman, Jo: QS17/2/3/3b
Hayman, Joanna QS17/2/5/4a
Hayman, John QS17/2/1/6
Hayman, John QS17/2/3/3b
Hayman, John QS17/2/3/4 (2)
Hayman, John QS17/2/4/6b
Hayman, John QS17/2/6/1a (2)
Hayman, Mary QS17/2/3/3b
Hayman, Mary QS17/2/3/4 (2)
Hayman, Mary QS17/2/5/4a
Hayman, Mary QS17/2/5/4c
Hayman, Mary QS17/2/5/5a
Hayman, Michael QS17/2/1/11b
Hayman, Nicholas QS17/2/5/4a
Hayman, Prudence QS17/2/5/1c
Hayman, Richard QS17/2/2/17a
Hayman, Richard QS17/2/3/4
Hayman, Roger QS17/2/2/7c
Hayman, Rose QS17/2/5/2a
Hayman, Samuel QS17/2/3/3b
Hayman, Sarah QS17/2/5/4a
Hayman, Tabitha QS17/2/6/1a
Hayman, Thomasin QS17/2/4/8c
Hayman, William QS17/2/2/13
Hayman, William QS17/2/2/5b
Hayman, William QS17/2/3/3a
Hayman, William QS17/2/3/4
Hayman, William QS17/2/4/4b
Hayman, William QS17/2/4/5d
Hayman, William QS17/2/5/2c
Hayne, Anne Exeter 2
Hayne, Francis sen Exeter 2
Hayne, Israel Exeter 2
Hayne, John QS17/2/1/9b
Hayne, John QS17/2/2/17a
Hayne, Laurence QS17/2/2/13
Hayne, Mary QS17/2/5/3a
Hayne, Melony QS17/2/5/2c
Hayne, Thomas Exeter 2
Hayne, William QS17/2/2/17a
Hayne, William QS17/2/2/2b
Haynes, Agnes QS17/2/2/9b
Haynes, Ann QS17/2/3/4
Haynes, George NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Haynes, Grace NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Haynes, Mary QS17/2/2/9b
Haynes, Philip QS17/2/2/9b
Haynes, Thomas QS17/2/2/6
Haynes, William QS17/2/1/6
Hays, Robert QS17/2/1/8
Hayser, Sarah NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Hayter, Mr George QS17/2/2/14c
Hayter, Thomas QS17/2/5/3b
Haytor, Grace QS17/2/5/3b
Hayward, Aaron QS17/2/2/15a
Hayward, Andrew QS17/2/4/9a (2)
Hayward, Christopher QS17/2/4/6c
Hayward, John QS17/2/3/5
Hayward, Joseph QS17/2/5/5a
Hayward, Mary QS17/2/4/4b
Hayward, Richard QS17/2/3/8a
Hayward, Richard QS17/2/4/1
Hayward, Richard QS17/2/4/6d
Hayward, Thomas QS17/2/5/4a
Haywood, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/11b
Haywood, William QS17/2/5/1c
Head, Dorothy QS17/2/1/11a
Head, Edward QS17/2/2/2b
Head, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/5a
Head, George QS17/2/3/9
Head, George QS17/2/4/5a
Head, Jerome QS17/2/2/2b
Head, Joan QS17/2/1/9b
Head, Joane QS17/2/1/8
Head, John QS17/2/2/2b
Head, John jun QS17/2/2/2b
Head, Katherine NDRO 2558-2/102/1.5
Head, Michael QS17/2/1/10
Head, Nicholas QS17/2/1/12a
Head, Philip QS17/2/2/17b
Head, Roger QS17/2/4/6d
Head, Sarah QS17/2/4/5a
Head, Thomas QS17/2/1/11a
Head, Thomas QS17/2/2/2b
Head, Thomas QS17/2/5/5b
Head, Ursula QS17/2/1/10
Head, William QS17/2/2/3b
Headdon, Emanuel QS17/2/2/10c
Headdon, Joan QS17/2/2/11b
Headdon, Richard QS17/2/2/11b
Headdon, Roger QS17/2/2/11b
Headford, William QS17/2/6/1j
Headon, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/12b
Headon, George QS17/2/2/11b
Headon, John NDRO 2558-2/102/1.3
Headon, John QS17/2/2/10c
Headon, Mary QS17/2/2/12b
Headon, Richard QS17/2/2/10c
Headon, William QS17/2/2/11b
Heal, Sarah QS17/2/2/3b
Heale, Henry QS17/2/3/12b
Heale, John QS17/2/2/11b
Heale, John QS17/2/3/12b
Heale, John QS17/2/3/5
Heale, John QS17/2/7/1
Heale, Jonathan QS17/2/2/10c
Heale, Margaret QS17/2/4/2a
Heale, Mary QS17/2/5/2d
Heale, Phyllis QS17/2/2/14c
Heale, Phyllis QS17/2/5/2b
Heale, Richard QS17/2/3/8a
Heale, Samuel NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Heale, Thomas QS17/2/3/6
Heale, William QS17/2/1/8
Heale, William QS17/2/2/11b
Heale, William QS17/2/2/13
Heaman, George QS17/2/2/13
Heaman, John QS17/2/2/13
Heaman, Roger QS17/2/2/5b
Heane, John QS17/2/4/2a
Heanes, John NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Heard, Agnes QS17/2/1/7b
Heard, Alice QS17/2/1/7b
Heard, Alice QS17/2/2/9b
Heard, Anne QS17/2/2/14c
Heard, Catherine QS17/2/3/5
Heard, Degory QS17/2/3/9
Heard, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Heard, George QS17/2/3/7e
Heard, Henry QS17/2/2/9a
Heard, Henry QS17/2/3/11a (2)
Heard, Humphrey QS17/2/2/7d
Heard, Humphrey QS17/2/3/12b
Heard, James QS17/2/2/9a
Heard, Jane NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Heard, Joan QS17/2/1/7b
Heard, Joan QS17/2/2/10c
Heard, John Exeter 2
Heard, John QS17/2/2/14c
Heard, John QS17/2/2/5b
Heard, John QS17/2/2/8
Heard, John QS17/2/2/9b
Heard, John QS17/2/3/11b
Heard, John QS17/2/4/3b
Heard, John jun QS17/2/3/11b
Heard, Lawrence QS17/2/3/11b
Heard, Malachy QS17/2/3/12a
Heard, Mary QS17/2/1/7b
Heard, Mary QS17/2/5/2a
Heard, Mathew QS17/2/2/5b
Heard, Nathaniel QS17/2/2/7c
Heard, Peter QS17/2/3/11a
Heard, Rebecca QS17/2/5/2b
Heard, Richard QS17/2/2/9b
Heard, Richard QS17/2/5/3b
Heard, Robert QS17/2/2/15a
Heard, Robert QS17/2/3/7e
Heard, Robert QS17/2/6/1j
Heard, Sarah QS17/2/2/9b
Heard, Sibella QS17/2/2/6
Heard, Solomon QS17/2/2/14c
Heard, Solomon QS17/2/6/1j
Heard, Thomas Exeter 2
Heard, William QS17/2/2/11b
Heard, William QS17/2/2/14c
Heard, William QS17/2/2/7d
Heard, William QS17/2/4/2a
Hearder, Grace QS17/2/2/12b
Hearder, Henry QS17/2/4/9b
Hearder, John QS17/2/3/12b
Hearding, Henry QS17/2/2/11a
Hearding, John QS17/2/2/10c
Hearding, John QS17/2/2/11a
Hearding, John QS17/2/2/11b
Hearding, Richard QS17/2/2/1e
Hearding, Samuel QS17/2/3/13b
Hearding, Timothy QS17/2/2/10c
Hearding, William QS17/2/2/13
Hearding, William QS17/2/2/1e
Hearle, Charity QS17/2/3/3b
Hearle, Susanna QS17/2/6/1c
Hearle, William NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Hearn, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Hearn, Jane QS17/2/3/2a
Hearn, John QS17/2/2/1e
Hearn, John QS17/2/4/2a
Hearn, Lewis QS17/2/2/10b
Hearn, Philip QS17/2/2/5b
Hearne, George QS17/2/2/17b
Hearne, John QS17/2/2/5b
Hearne, John QS17/2/4/8c
Hearne, Mathew QS17/2/3/9
Hearne, Susanna QS17/2/2/5a
Hearson, William QS17/2/2/4a
Heatfield, Sarah QS17/2/3/1a
Heath, Anne QS17/2/5/1a
Heath, Beaten QS17/2/3/7a
Heath, Benjamin QS17/2/1/1
Heath, Charles QS17/2/1/3b (2)
Heath, Christian QS17/2/6/1j
Heath, Edward QS17/2/1/4
Heath, Hester QS17/2/1/7b (2)
Heath, John QS17/2/1/3b
Heath, Martha QS17/2/3/7a
Heath, Mary QS17/2/1/3b (2)
Heath, Mary QS17/2/3/10
Heath, Sarah QS17/2/3/4
Heath, Staplehill QS17/2/3/1b
Heathfeild, Alice QS17/2/5/2b
Heathfeild, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/2b
Heathfield, Joseph QS17/2/3/1b
Heathfield, Julian QS17/2/4/5d
Heathfield, Margaret QS17/2/4/3a
Heathfield, Mary QS17/2/5/1a
Heathfield, Thomas QS17/2/5/2b
Heathman, Mary Exeter 2
Heathman, Thomas Exeter 2
Heathman, William QS17/2/3/4
Heayns?, John QS17/2/2/3b
Heays?, Elizabeth NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Heddon, Edward QS17/2/2/10c
Heddon, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/5b
Heddon, Thomas QS17/2/2/12b
Heddon, William QS17/2/2/11b
Heddon, William QS17/2/2/13
Hedgerdon, Grace QS17/2/2/7c
Hedgland, Agnes QS17/2/3/11a
Hedgland, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/5a
Hedgland, Samuel QS17/2/2/15b
Hedgland, Thomas QS17/2/4/2d
Hedgment, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/5
Hedgment, Richard QS17/2/5/5b
Hele, Ann QS17/2/3/12a
Hele, Anne QS17/2/6/1c
Hele, Arthur QS17/2/1/7b
Hele, Charity QS17/2/3/1a
Hele, Edward QS17/2/6/1j
Hele, Elizabeth Exeter 2 (2)
Hele, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/14a
Hele, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/8a
Hele, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/5a
Hele, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/7a
Hele, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/7c
Hele, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1j
Hele, Francis QS17/2/1/11a
Hele, George QS17/2/3/12b
Hele, Hannah Exeter 2
Hele, James QS17/2/3/12a
Hele, Jane QS17/2/3/11a
Hele, John QS17/2/2/14a
Hele, John QS17/2/2/2b
Hele, John QS17/2/3/12b
Hele, John QS17/2/4/6c
Hele, Mary QS17/2/4/5a
Hele, Mathew QS17/2/1/10
Hele, Mathew QS17/2/1/12a
Hele, Peter QS17/2/3/12b
Hele, Rachel QS17/2/1/7b
Hele, Rebecca QS17/2/5/5a
Hele, Richard QS17/2/4/9b
Hele, Robert QS17/2/1/9a
Hele, Sampson Exeter 2
Hele, Sampson QS17/2/1/4
Hele, Sampson QS17/2/2/2b
Hele, Samuel QS17/2/1/11b
Hele, Solomon QS17/2/1/8
Hele, Thomas Exeter 2
Hele, Thomas QS17/2/1/12a
Hele, Thomas QS17/2/2/2a (2)
Hele, Thomas QS17/2/3/11a
Hele, Thomas QS17/2/3/8a
Hele, Thomas QS17/2/3/8b
Hele, Ursula QS17/2/3/12a
Hele, Walter QS17/2/1/8
Hele, William QS17/2/1/2
Hele, Wilmot QS17/2/4/7a
Heller, Robert QS17/2/5/4c
Hellford, Mary QS17/2/2/15a
Helliar, Thomas QS17/2/3/2a
Helliar, Zachary QS17/2/4/4c
Hellier, Anne QS17/2/4/2d
Hellier, Christopher QS17/2/4/9a
Hellier, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/2d
Hellier, Grace QS17/2/1/12a
Hellier, Gregory QS17/2/6/1b
Hellier, Jeffery QS17/2/5/1c
Hellier, Joanna QS17/2/1/11d
Hellier, John QS17/2/4/8a
Hellier, Moses QS17/2/1/12a
Hellier, Richard QS17/2/4/2d
Hellier, Richard QS17/2/4/3b
Hellier, Robert QS17/2/1/6
Hellier, Samuel QS17/2/2/3b
Hellier, Simon QS17/2/1/11d
Hellier, William QS17/2/5/1a
Hellier, William QS17/2/6/1j
Helling, Anne QS17/2/4/9a
Helling, Nathaniel QS17/2/2/9b
Hellings, Charles QS17/2/5/2b
Hellings, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/3b
Hellings, George QS17/2/2/16b
Hellings, Grace QS17/2/5/4c
Hellings, James QS17/2/2/16a
Hellings, James jun QS17/2/2/16a
Hellings, John QS17/2/3/9
Hellings, Richard QS17/2/4/9b
Hellmore, Edmund QS17/2/3/7e
Hellmore, James QS17/2/3/8a
Hellmore, Jane QS17/2/3/8b
Hellmore, Mark QS17/2/3/8a
Hellmore, William QS17/2/4/6b
Hellson, John QS17/2/2/4b
Helly, Henry QS17/2/1/7a
Helly, Susanna QS17/2/4/6d
Hellyar, Jane QS17/2/5/1a
Hellyar, John Exeter 2
Hellyar, Richard QS17/2/5/1a
Hellyar, Thomas Exeter 2
Hellyer, Anne QS17/2/5/2a
Hellyer, Chr: QS17/2/1/3b
Hellyer, Edward QS17/2/3/12b
Hellyer, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/1
Hellyer, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/6c
Hellyer, Joane QS17/2/1/3b
Hellyer, Richard QS17/2/1/7a (2)
Hellyer, Richard QS17/2/3/2b
Hellyer, Richard jun QS17/2/5/2b
Hellyer, Susanna QS17/2/1/2
Hellyer, Thomas QS17/2/3/2b
Hellyer, William QS17/2/2/17b
Helm[...] [query], Noah QS17/2/4/9a
Helman, John QS17/2/3/5
Helman, Noah QS17/2/5/4c
Helman, Richard QS17/2/2/5b
Helmer, Frances? QS17/2/1/11b
Helmer, John QS17/2/1/10
Helmer, Nicholas Exeter 2
Helmore, Ambrose QS17/2/4/1
Helmore, Dorothy QS17/2/4/5c
Helmore, Edmund jun QS17/2/3/7e
Helmore, John Exeter 2
Helmore, John QS17/2/3/13a
Helmore, Nicholas QS17/2/3/11a
Helmore, Robert QS17/2/3/8a
Helmore, Timothy QS17/2/5/3b
Hemar, Edward QS17/2/4/5d
Hemer, Anne Exeter 2
Hemer, Mary Exeter 2
Hemer, Thestin QS17/2/3/11a
Hempson, Mary QS17/2/3/8b
Hempson, Mary QS17/2/5/4c
Hempton, John QS17/2/3/5
Hempton, Margaret QS17/2/3/5
Hemson, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/1c
Hemson, Thomas QS17/2/5/2b
Hender, Anthony QS17/2/2/9a
Hender, Nicholas QS17/2/2/3b
Henderson, Alexander QS17/2/2/3a
Hendey, Richard QS17/2/2/7c
Henley, Ephraim Exeter 2
Henley, John QS17/2/2/18
Henley, Richard QS17/2/1/4
Henly, George QS17/2/2/17a
Henly, Richard jun QS17/2/5/1c
Henly, Thomas Exeter 1
Henman, Richard Exeter 2
Henna?, William QS17/2/2/3a
Hensley, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/2a
Henson, Robert QS17/2/2/16b
Henson, William QS17/2/4/8a
Henwood, Alexander QS17/2/2/4b
Henwood, Mary QS17/2/4/2a
Herbert, Anne QS17/2/2/11b
Herbert, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Herbert, George Exeter 2
Herd, Charles QS17/2/4/2d
Hering, Roger QS17/2/6/1j
Herle, Thomas QS17/2/2/3a
Hern, Mathew QS17/2/2/17b
Hernaman, Joane QS17/2/7/1
Hernaman, John QS17/2/2/5b
Hernaman, Katherine QS17/2/2/9b
Hernaman, Mary QS17/2/7/1
Hernaman, Prudence QS17/2/2/9b
Hernaman, Richard QS17/2/2/13
Hernaman, Richard QS17/2/2/14c
Hernaman, Susanna QS17/2/2/9b
Herne, Agnes QS17/2/4/8a
Herne, Robert QS17/2/2/9b
Herniman, William QS17/2/2/14c
Heron, Charles Exeter 2
Herring, Edmund QS17/2/2/1b
Herring, Edmund QS17/2/2/4a
Herring, Edward QS17/2/2/4a
Herring, John QS17/2/2/1b
Herring, John QS17/2/3/2b
Herson, John QS17/2/2/7c
Herton, John QS17/2/2/1e
Hesket, William QS17/2/4/5a
Hew, John QS17/2/3/7e
Heward, Richard QS17/2/5/1c
Heward, Richard jun QS17/2/5/1c
Hewes, Grace QS17/2/2/17b (2)
Hewes, Nicholas QS17/2/2/10b
Hewes, Thomas QS17/2/4/4c
Hewes, Thomas jun QS17/2/3/2a
Hewett, Henry QS17/2/2/11a
Hewett, Henry QS17/2/2/16b
Hewett, John QS17/2/1/10
Hewett, John QS17/2/1/8
Hewett, Margaret Exeter 2
Hewett, Richard Exeter 2
Hewett, Sarah Exeter 2
Hewett, Thomas Exeter 2
Hewett, William QS17/2/2/11a
Hewgoe, Walter Exeter 2
Hewis, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/7a
Hewis, Grace QS17/2/4/8b (2)
Hewis, John QS17/2/2/14a
Hewis, John QS17/2/2/17b
Hewis, Sarah Exeter 2
Hewis, William QS17/2/3/7a
Hewis, William jun QS17/2/3/7a
Hewish, Andrew QS17/2/2/14a
Hewish, Andrew QS17/2/3/7a
Hewish, Charles QS17/2/2/14a
Hewish, Mary QS17/2/3/8a
Hewish, Mary QS17/2/5/2d
Hewish?, Richard QS17/2/5/1a
Hewitt, Edward QS17/2/1/11a
Hewton, Roger QS17/2/4/4b
Hext, Alan QS17/2/1/10
Hext, Deborah QS17/2/1/11c
Hext, John QS17/2/1/11b
Hext, John QS17/2/1/7b
Hext, John QS17/2/4/7c
Hext, Mary QS17/2/1/7b (2)
Hext, Mary QS17/2/4/7a
Hext, Thomas QS17/2/4/7a
Hexter, George QS17/2/5/5a
Hexter, Richard QS17/2/4/6b
Hexter, Thomasin QS17/2/4/2d
Heybal, John QS17/2/2/18
Heyman, John QS17/2/4/3a
Heyne, William QS17/2/3/8b
Heyward, Ann QS17/2/6/1j
Heyward, Catherine QS17/2/4/3b
Heyward, Lawrence QS17/2/3/5
Heyward, Richard QS17/2/4/3b
Heywood, John QS17/2/5/2d
Heywood, Mary QS17/2/3/11b
Heywood, Susanna QS17/2/5/2d
Heywood, Walter QS17/2/2/5b
Heywood, William QS17/2/3/11b
Hickes, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Hickes, Jane Exeter 2
Hickes, Joshua Exeter 2
Hickes, Mary Exeter 2
Hickes, Nicholas Exeter 2
Hickman, Jane QS17/2/5/1c
Hickman, John QS17/2/4/5d
Hickman, Joshua Exeter 2
Hickman, William QS17/2/3/3a
Hicks, Edward QS17/2/2/3b
Hicks, George QS17/2/2/3a
Hicks, Jane QS17/2/6/1c
Hicks, John Exeter 2
Hicks, John QS17/2/2/17b
Hickston, Joane QS17/2/1/8
Hide, Jane QS17/2/2/3a
Hiden, John QS17/2/1/6
Higens, Henry QS17/2/2/9a
Higgins, Grace QS17/2/2/5a
Higgons, Thomas QS17/2/4/6b
Higman, Joseph QS17/2/2/3a (2)
Higman, William QS17/2/2/3a
Higman, William jun QS17/2/2/3a
Hill, Abigail QS17/2/5/3a
Hill, Ann QS17/2/2/16b
Hill, Ann QS17/2/2/9b
Hill, Anstice QS17/2/4/3a
Hill, Anthony QS17/2/3/12b
Hill, Christian QS17/2/4/3a
Hill, Deborah Exeter 2
Hill, Edward QS17/2/2/15a
Hill, Edward QS17/2/4/3a
Hill, Elizabeth Exeter 1
Hill, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/17b
Hill, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/1c
Hill, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/8a
Hill, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/3a
Hill, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/5a
Hill, Francis QS17/2/3/4
Hill, Francis QS17/2/6/1a
Hill, Francis jun QS17/2/3/4
Hill, George QS17/2/4/3a
Hill, George QS17/2/6/1a
Hill, Gilbert QS17/2/3/2b
Hill, Grace QS17/2/2/10b
Hill, Gregory QS17/2/3/12b
Hill, Henry QS17/2/2/10b
Hill, Henry QS17/2/2/13
Hill, Henry QS17/2/2/16b
Hill, Henry QS17/2/3/11a
Hill, Henry QS17/2/4/3b
Hill, Honour QS17/2/2/5b
Hill, Jacob QS17/2/2/7c
Hill, James QS17/2/2/12b
Hill, James QS17/2/5/2b
Hill, Joan QS17/2/2/11b
Hill, Joan QS17/2/2/15a
Hill, Joan QS17/2/2/15b
Hill, Joan QS17/2/3/11a
Hill, Joan QS17/2/6/1j
Hill, Joane QS17/2/2/15b
Hill, Joanne QS17/2/2/16b
Hill, John Exeter 2
Hill, John QS17/2/1/12a (2)
Hill, John QS17/2/1/2
Hill, John QS17/2/2/16b
Hill, John QS17/2/2/17a
Hill, John QS17/2/2/1e
Hill, John QS17/2/2/2b
Hill, John QS17/2/2/7a
Hill, John QS17/2/3/2a
Hill, John QS17/2/3/3b
Hill, John QS17/2/3/6 (2)
Hill, John QS17/2/3/7a (2)
Hill, John QS17/2/4/6b
Hill, John QS17/2/4/9a
Hill, Jon: QS17/2/3/8a
Hill, Judith QS17/2/5/3b
Hill, Margaret QS17/2/2/6
Hill, Margaret QS17/2/3/4
Hill, Margaret QS17/2/4/7a
Hill, Martha QS17/2/3/1b
Hill, Mary QS17/2/2/15a
Hill, Mary QS17/2/2/15b
Hill, Mary QS17/2/2/16a
Hill, Mary QS17/2/2/16b
Hill, Mary QS17/2/3/2a
Hill, Mary QS17/2/3/2b (2)
Hill, Mary QS17/2/4/2a
Hill, Mary QS17/2/4/3a (2)
Hill, Nicholas QS17/2/1/11d
Hill, Peter QS17/2/4/3b
Hill, Philip QS17/2/6/1d
Hill, Ralph QS17/2/2/17a
Hill, Richard QS17/2/2/13
Hill, Richard QS17/2/2/15a
Hill, Richard QS17/2/3/5
Hill, Richard QS17/2/4/3a
Hill, Robert QS17/2/3/13b
Hill, Robert QS17/2/3/8a
Hill, Robert QS17/2/4/3a (3)
Hill, Sarah QS17/2/5/2a
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/1/2
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/2/12b
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/2/16a
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/2/2b
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/3/11a
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/3/3b (2)
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/3/6
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/3/8a
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/4/3b
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/5/1a
Hill, Thomas QS17/2/5/4b
Hill, Thomas jun QS17/2/3/6
Hill, Timothy QS17/2/1/11c
Hill, Tobias QS17/2/2/1e
Hill, Tristram QS17/2/2/16a
Hill, William Exeter 2
Hill, William QS17/2/1/11c
Hill, William QS17/2/2/4a
Hill, William QS17/2/2/5b
Hill, William QS17/2/3/11a
Hill, William QS17/2/3/1b
Hill, William QS17/2/3/4
Hill, William QS17/2/5/3b
Hill, William QS17/2/5/5a
Hill?, William QS17/2/2/5b
Hillary, Richard QS17/2/2/18
Hilley, John QS17/2/1/7b
Hillford, John QS17/2/5/1c
Hilliard, William QS17/2/6/1c
Hillman, David QS17/2/4/5d
Hillman, Roger QS17/2/2/4b
Hillman, Sarah QS17/2/2/9b
Hillow, James QS17/2/3/13e
Hills, Thomas QS17/2/4/8c
Hilly, Richard QS17/2/1/9b
Hilly, Susanna QS17/2/1/9b
Hilman, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/5d
Hilman, Jane QS17/2/6/1c
Hilman, Mathew QS17/2/6/1c
Hilman, Michael QS17/2/4/5d
Hilson, Gertrude QS17/2/4/4c
Hilson, Martha QS17/2/4/4c
Hilson, Mathew QS17/2/3/2a
Hilson, Mathew sen QS17/2/4/4c
Hilson, Richard QS17/2/1/12a
Hilton, Walter QS17/2/2/9a
Hinde, William QS17/2/6/1c
Hine, Edmund QS17/2/1/8
Hine, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/5a
Hine, John QS17/2/1/9a
Hine, Josias QS17/2/1/8
Hinery, George QS17/2/2/16a
Hingson, Robert QS17/2/2/3a
Hingston, Andrew QS17/2/1/11d
Hingston, Anne QS17/2/3/13f
Hingston, Daniel QS17/2/4/4c
Hingston, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/2a
Hingston, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/2b (2)
Hingston, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/1
Hingston, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/5c
Hingston, Francis QS17/2/2/2a
Hingston, Hugh QS17/2/1/11d (2)
Hingston, James QS17/2/1/5c
Hingston, James QS17/2/1/5d
Hingston, Joan QS17/2/4/5c
Hingston, John QS17/2/1/11d (2)
Hingston, John QS17/2/1/7b
Hingston, John QS17/2/2/2a
Hingston, John QS17/2/4/5a
Hingston, John QS17/2/4/6d
Hingston, John QS17/2/4/7a
Hingston, John QS17/2/4/9a
Hingston, John jun QS17/2/4/5a
Hingston, Joseph QS17/2/1/12a
Hingston, Joseph QS17/2/1/8
Hingston, Margaret QS17/2/1/11b
Hingston, Mary QS17/2/5/1a
Hingston, Richard QS17/2/2/2b (2)
Hingston, Robert QS17/2/2/3a
Hingston, Susanna QS17/2/4/7a
Hingston, Thomas QS17/2/1/8
Hingston, Walter QS17/2/2/2b
Hingston, William QS17/2/4/5a
Hinkson, Mary QS17/2/1/10
Hinson, Daniel QS17/2/6/1j
Hinson, Thomas QS17/2/1/7b
Hinston, John QS17/2/1/11a
Hissett, John QS17/2/4/2a (2)
Hissett, William QS17/2/2/1e
Hitchcock, Christopher QS17/2/2/16b
Hitchcock, Edmund QS17/2/4/8a
Hitchcock, Edward QS17/2/1/5i
Hitchcock, Edward QS17/2/2/16b
Hitchcock, Ellis QS17/2/2/17b
Hitchcock, Francis QS17/2/5/3b
Hitchcock, Hannah QS17/2/2/18
Hitchcock, Henry QS17/2/2/16b
Hitchcock, Henry jun QS17/2/5/3b
Hitchcock, Joan QS17/2/5/4a
Hitchcock, John QS17/2/2/16b
Hitchcock, John QS17/2/2/17b (2)
Hitchcock, Joshua QS17/2/2/17a
Hitchcock, Mary QS17/2/5/3b
Hitchcock, Nicholas QS17/2/2/16b
Hitchcock, Nicholas QS17/2/5/2b
Hitt, James QS17/2/2/18
Hitt, Joseph QS17/2/2/18
Hitt, Mary QS17/2/5/1c (2)
Hitt, Nathaniel QS17/2/2/3a
Hix, Richard jun QS17/2/4/6d
Hixt, Richard QS17/2/4/6d
Ho...ell?, Robert QS17/2/2/15b
Hoakings, Roger QS17/2/1/7a
Hoar, Ambrose NDRO 2558-2/102/1.3
Hoar, Bernard QS17/2/2/18
Hoar, Daniel QS17/2/2/17a
Hoar, Gilbert QS17/2/1/3b
Hoar, James QS17/2/2/13
Hoar, Joan QS17/2/5/3a
Hoar, Mary QS17/2/5/3a
Hoar, Nicholas QS17/2/2/18
Hoar, Thomas Exeter 2
Hoar, William QS17/2/1/11b
Hoarden, John QS17/2/2/9b
Hoare, James QS17/2/2/13
Hobbart, John QS17/2/3/2a
Hobbs, Caleb QS17/2/5/2b
Hobbs, Edward QS17/2/2/6
Hobbs, Isaac QS17/2/2/7c
Hobbs, John QS17/2/2/9b
Hobbs, Julian QS17/2/2/2b
Hobbs, Mary QS17/2/4/2b
Hobbs, Mathew QS17/2/2/13
Hobbs, Richard QS17/2/2/10c
Hobbs, William QS17/2/2/5b
Hobbs, William QS17/2/2/7c
Hobburd, Hannah QS17/2/4/4c
Hoblyn, Carew QS17/2/2/10c
Hoblyn, Rice QS17/2/2/11a
Hockaday, Andrew QS17/2/2/8
Hockaday, John QS17/2/2/8
Hockaday, Thomas QS17/2/2/4b
Hockaday, William QS17/2/2/7a
Hockady, Robert QS17/2/2/4a
Hockady, Robert QS17/2/2/8
Hockeridge, John QS17/2/2/9a
Hockin, Jane QS17/2/2/5b
Hockin, John QS17/2/3/11b
Hockin, Richard QS17/2/2/8
Hockin, Thomas QS17/2/4/9b
Hockin, William NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Hockin, William QS17/2/2/5b
Hockin, William QS17/2/2/7c
Hocking, Christopher QS17/2/2/9a
Hocking, Richard QS17/2/4/9b
Hocking, Robert QS17/2/2/13
Hockins, Grace QS17/2/3/13f
Hockins, Hannah QS17/2/2/9a
Hockins, John QS17/2/4/4c
Hockins, Richard QS17/2/2/6
Hockins, Simon QS17/2/2/13
Hockins, William QS17/2/3/12a
Hockley, William QS17/2/6/1j
Hockridge, John QS17/2/2/9b
Hodder, Ann QS17/2/5/5a
Hodder, Benjamin QS17/2/1/12a
Hodder, Catherine QS17/2/3/13f
Hodder, George QS17/2/1/1
Hodder, Hannah QS17/2/4/4c
Hodder, Joan QS17/2/2/15b
Hodder, John QS17/2/2/18 (2)
Hodder, Joseph QS17/2/1/1
Hodder, Mary QS17/2/5/2b
Hodder, Servington QS17/2/1/12a
Hodder, William QS17/2/6/1i
Hoddor, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/7a
Hoddy, Amy QS17/2/4/1
Hoddy, Florence QS17/2/3/10
Hoder, Benjamin QS17/2/1/1
Hodge, Agnes QS17/2/1/2
Hodge, Alice QS17/2/4/7c
Hodge, Ambrose QS17/2/3/13e
Hodge, Caleb Exeter 2
Hodge, Christopher QS17/2/1/9b
Hodge, Edward QS17/2/4/9b
Hodge, Elias QS17/2/2/2b
Hodge, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/4a
Hodge, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1a
Hodge, George Exeter 1
Hodge, Gideon QS17/2/3/1b
Hodge, Humphrey QS17/2/1/7a
Hodge, James QS17/2/5/5a
Hodge, Joan QS17/2/4/6d
Hodge, John QS17/2/1/7b
Hodge, John QS17/2/2/4a
Hodge, John QS17/2/3/12b
Hodge, John QS17/2/3/5
Hodge, Jonathan QS17/2/2/2a
Hodge, Joseph Exeter 2
Hodge, Joseph QS17/2/2/16b
Hodge, Joseph QS17/2/5/3b
Hodge, Mary QS17/2/2/11b
Hodge, Mary QS17/2/4/1
Hodge, Mary QS17/2/4/7a
Hodge, Nehemiah QS17/2/2/15b
Hodge, Richard QS17/2/4/5a
Hodge, Richard QS17/2/4/6d
Hodge, Robert QS17/2/1/6
Hodge, Robert QS17/2/2/1c
Hodge, Simon QS17/2/2/11b
Hodge, Susanna QS17/2/2/2a
Hodge, Thomas QS17/2/2/11b
Hodge, Thomas QS17/2/2/5b
Hodge, Thomas QS17/2/5/3b
Hodge, Thomas QS17/2/7/1
Hodge, William QS17/2/2/9a
Hodge, William QS17/2/4/7a
Hodgin, Thomas QS17/2/5/4a
Hodging, John QS17/2/5/5a
Hodging, Mary QS17/2/5/5a
Hogan, John QS17/2/2/13
Hogg, Thomas QS17/2/2/9b (2)
Hogg, William QS17/2/2/11b
Hogg, William QS17/2/2/9a
Hoggadon, John QS17/2/2/4b
Hogins, Charity QS17/2/2/1e
Holberton, John QS17/2/1/12a
Holberton, John QS17/2/2/2b
Holberton, Thomas QS17/2/1/11d
Holcomb, Joan sen QS17/2/5/1a
Holcomb, Margaret QS17/2/6/1a
Holcomb, Thomas QS17/2/6/1a
Holcombe, Ann QS17/2/4/5d
Holcombe, Joane QS17/2/4/5d
Holcombe, Mary QS17/2/4/5d
Holdich, Joan QS17/2/4/9b
Holdich, Richard QS17/2/2/2b
Holdich, Samuel QS17/2/4/9b
Holdich, William QS17/2/4/9b
Holditch, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/10
Holditch, Joane QS17/2/1/8
Holditch, Jonah QS17/2/1/10
Holditch, Mary Exeter 2
Holditch, Mary QS17/2/4/5a
Holditch, Nicholas QS17/2/1/8
Holditch, Richard Exeter 2
Holditch, Richard QS17/2/1/8
Holditch, Stephen jun Exeter 2
Holditch, Stephen sen Exeter 2
Holditch, Susanna QS17/2/4/7c
Holditch, William QS17/2/1/9b
Holdrive, David QS17/2/1/7b
Holdsworth, Arthur QS17/2/4/6a
Hole, Abraham Exeter 2
Hole, Agnes QS17/2/4/7c (2)
Hole, Andrew QS17/2/2/14a
Hole, Bernard QS17/2/5/4c
Hole, Christopher QS17/2/3/11a
Hole, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/1
Hole, Emanuel Exeter 2
Hole, George QS17/2/3/12b
Hole, Gertrude QS17/2/3/12a
Hole, Gilbert Exeter 2
Hole, Grace QS17/2/2/10b
Hole, Grace QS17/2/6/1j
Hole, Henry QS17/2/2/10b
Hole, Henry QS17/2/2/5b
Hole, Henry QS17/2/4/6d
Hole, John Exeter 2
Hole, John QS17/2/2/11a
Hole, John QS17/2/3/11b
Hole, John QS17/2/3/12b
Hole, Katherine QS17/2/5/1a
Hole, Luce QS17/2/2/11b
Hole, Margaret Exeter 2
Hole, Mary Exeter 2
Hole, Mary QS17/2/3/11a
Hole, Michael QS17/2/3/7e
Hole, Richard QS17/2/1/4 (2)
Hole, Richard QS17/2/2/1e
Hole, Richard QS17/2/3/11b
Hole, Richard QS17/2/4/1
Hole, Richard jun QS17/2/2/1e
Hole, Robert QS17/2/3/11b
Hole, Robert QS17/2/3/6
Hole, Roger QS17/2/1/8
Hole, Thomas Exeter 2
Hole, Thomas QS17/2/2/14c (2)
Hole, Thomas QS17/2/3/8a
Hole, William QS17/2/2/14a
Hole, William QS17/2/5/1a
Hole?/Hele?, Richard QS17/2/4/1
Holeman, Humphrey QS17/2/2/9b
Holl[?], Thomas QS17/2/2/14c
Holladay, Cecily QS17/2/3/9
Holland, Edward QS17/2/3/2a
Holland, John QS17/2/3/5
Holland, John QS17/2/6/1c
Holland, Mary QS17/2/6/1c
Holland, Peter QS17/2/6/1c
Holles, John jun QS17/2/6/1c
Hollet, Francis QS17/2/3/8b
Hollett, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/2b
Hollett, Jochebed QS17/2/5/1c
Hollett, John QS17/2/5/1c
Hollett, Robert QS17/2/5/1c
Hollman, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/6c
Hollman, John QS17/2/2/6
Hollock, Anne QS17/2/2/3b
Hollock, John QS17/2/2/3b
Holloway, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/16a
Holloway, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/12a
Holloway, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/2a
Holloway, John QS17/2/2/1c
Holloway, Samuel QS17/2/3/12a
Hollway, Anne Exeter 2
Hollway, Joanna QS17/2/3/1a
Hollway, John Exeter 2
Holman, Agnes QS17/2/6/1a
Holman, Andrew QS17/2/4/1
Holman, Arthur QS17/2/2/6
Holman, Augustine QS17/2/3/8b
Holman, Caleb QS17/2/3/12b
Holman, Chr: QS17/2/1/2
Holman, Hugh QS17/2/2/14c
Holman, Humphrey QS17/2/4/3b (2)
Holman, Humphrey QS17/2/4/6b
Holman, James QS17/2/2/9a
Holman, Jane QS17/2/4/1
Holman, Jane QS17/2/6/1j
Holman, Joan QS17/2/4/1
Holman, Joan QS17/2/6/1a
Holman, John QS17/2/2/13
Holman, John QS17/2/2/14c (2)
Holman, John QS17/2/2/6
Holman, John QS17/2/2/9a
Holman, John QS17/2/3/8b
Holman, John QS17/2/4/1
Holman, Jonathan QS17/2/1/3b
Holman, Lewis QS17/2/2/6
Holman, Lewis jun QS17/2/2/6
Holman, Margaret QS17/2/1/3a
Holman, Margaret QS17/2/2/9a
Holman, Richard QS17/2/1/7a
Holman, Richard QS17/2/1/7b
Holman, Richard QS17/2/5/5a
Holman, Robert QS17/2/2/15b
Holman, Rose QS17/2/5/5a
Holman, Samuel QS17/2/1/9a
Holman, Samuel QS17/2/4/1
Holman, Sarah QS17/2/2/17b
Holman, Thomas QS17/2/5/1c
Holman, Thomas QS17/2/5/4a
Holman, William QS17/2/2/7b
Holmead, Humphrey QS17/2/4/3b
Holmead, Joane QS17/2/6/1a
Holmead, John QS17/2/2/15b
Holmead, John QS17/2/4/3b
Holmead, Margaret QS17/2/5/2b
Holmead, Mary QS17/2/3/7e
Holmead, Simon QS17/2/3/3a
Holmes, Anthony QS17/2/2/13
Holmes, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/5a
Holmes, John Exeter 2
Holmes, John QS17/2/2/15b
Holmes, Mary Exeter 2
Holmes, Mary QS17/2/1/7a
Holmes, Mary QS17/2/3/12a
Holmes, Philip QS17/2/3/12a
Holmes, Richard QS17/2/2/9b
Holmes, Richard QS17/2/3/7e
Holmes, Robert QS17/2/3/5
Holmes, Robert QS17/2/4/4b
Holmes, Samuel QS17/2/5/1c
Holmes, Thomas QS17/2/3/8b
Holmes, Thomas jun QS17/2/3/8b
Holmeyard, Agnes QS17/2/5/1c
Holmeyard, Gertrude QS17/2/5/1c
Holms, Andrew QS17/2/4/3b
Holms, Bridget QS17/2/4/4b
Holsegood, Agnes QS17/2/3/12b
Holsworth, Ann QS17/2/3/13f
Holsworth, Henry QS17/2/1/11d
Holsworth, Robert QS17/2/3/13f
Holt, John QS17/2/3/2b
Holway, Anne QS17/2/6/1j
Holway, George QS17/2/3/4
Holway, George QS17/2/6/1a
Holway, James QS17/2/2/16b
Holway, James QS17/2/4/3a
Holway, James QS17/2/4/4c
Holway, James QS17/2/6/1j
Holway, John QS17/2/4/8a
Holway, Peter QS17/2/3/2a
Holway, Peter QS17/2/4/3a
Holway, Susanna QS17/2/1/5i
Holway, William QS17/2/3/1a
Holway, William QS17/2/4/3a
Holway, William QS17/2/5/5a
Holway, William QS17/2/6/1a
Holwell, Andrew QS17/2/4/5d
Holwell, Bartholomew QS17/2/2/17b
Holwell, Edward QS17/2/3/4 (2)
Holwell, Edward QS17/2/4/5d
Holwell, Edward jun QS17/2/4/5d
Holwell, Edward jun QS17/2/4/8c
Holwell, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Holwell, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/4
Holwell, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/8c
Holwell, George QS17/2/5/2b
Holwell, Jane Exeter 2
Holwell, Jane QS17/2/3/4
Holwell, Joan QS17/2/5/4a
Holwell, John QS17/2/2/15b
Holwell, John QS17/2/3/4
Holwell, John QS17/2/4/5d
Holwell, John QS17/2/4/9b
Holwell, John jun QS17/2/4/5d
Holwell, Joseph QS17/2/3/4
Holwell, Mary Exeter 2
Holwell, Mary QS17/2/4/5d
Holwell, Mary QS17/2/5/2b
Holwell, Nicholas QS17/2/3/4
Holwell, Richard Exeter 2
Holwell, Richard QS17/2/1/4
Holwell, Thomas QS17/2/3/2a
Holwell, Walter QS17/2/3/4
Holwell, William Exeter 2
Holwell, William QS17/2/3/4
Holwill, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/8c
Holwill, James QS17/2/3/4
Holwill, Margery QS17/2/5/2a
Holwill, Robert QS17/2/4/6d
Homer, John QS17/2/3/4
Homeyard, Thomas QS17/2/3/7a
Honey, Gregory QS17/2/4/1
Honey, James QS17/2/5/4c
Honey, John QS17/2/2/3a
Honey, John QS17/2/5/5a
Honey, Jonas QS17/2/2/9b
Honeychurch, Mary QS17/2/5/1a
Honiborne, John QS17/2/5/3b
Honicombe, Henry QS17/2/2/1c
Honicombe, Joel QS17/2/2/6
Honicombe, John QS17/2/2/1c
Honicott, John QS17/2/2/9b
Honicott, Mary QS17/2/2/9b
Honnacott, John QS17/2/2/13
Honny, John QS17/2/2/9b
Honybond, John QS17/2/2/18
Honychurch, John QS17/2/3/12a
Honychurch, Thomas QS17/2/3/12a
Honychurch, Thomas jun QS17/2/3/12a
Honycombe, Benjamin QS17/2/2/9a
Honycombe, James QS17/2/2/3a
Honywell, Daniel QS17/2/1/9a
Honywell, George QS17/2/1/9a
Honywell, Hannah QS17/2/4/7a
Honywell, Thomas QS17/2/4/1
Honywell, William QS17/2/4/1
Honywell, William QS17/2/4/7a
Honywell, William jun QS17/2/4/1
Honywill, Katherine QS17/2/4/7c
Honywill, Richard QS17/2/2/8
Hook, Joan QS17/2/5/3a
Hook, John QS17/2/2/18
Hook, Mary QS17/2/6/1c
Hook, Samuel QS17/2/2/17b
Hook, Thomas QS17/2/3/8a
Hooke, Amy QS17/2/5/3b
Hooke, Dorothy QS17/2/4/8c
Hooke, Edward QS17/2/3/3b
Hooke, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/8c
Hooke, John QS17/2/2/17a
Hooke, John QS17/2/2/17b
Hooke, John QS17/2/4/8c
Hooke, Mary QS17/2/5/3a
Hooke, Richard Exeter 1
Hooke, Richard QS17/2/2/17a
Hooke, Robert QS17/2/2/14c
Hooke, Samuel QS17/2/2/17b
Hooke, Sarah QS17/2/1/6
Hooke, Thomas QS17/2/2/17a
Hooke, Thomas QS17/2/3/8a
Hooker, Dulcebella QS17/2/6/1b
Hooker, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Hooker, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/2b
Hooker, John Exeter 2
Hooker, Michael QS17/2/3/4
Hooker, Peter QS17/2/6/1b
Hooker, Samuel QS17/2/2/14a
Hookway, Thomas QS17/2/4/8b
Hookway, William QS17/2/4/3a
Hooper, Anne Exeter 2
Hooper, Anne QS17/2/2/5b
Hooper, Dorothy QS17/2/2/5b
Hooper, Edward NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Hooper, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/13b
Hooper, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/9
Hooper, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/9a (2)
Hooper, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/2b (3)
Hooper, Fardinando QS17/2/2/7d
Hooper, Francis QS17/2/2/11b
Hooper, George QS17/2/4/3b
Hooper, Grace NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Hooper, Grace QS17/2/2/12b
Hooper, Grace QS17/2/3/1b
Hooper, Hannah QS17/2/2/8
Hooper, Henry Exeter 2
Hooper, Henry QS17/2/2/10b
Hooper, Henry QS17/2/2/13
Hooper, Henry QS17/2/2/9b
Hooper, Henry QS17/2/3/11a
Hooper, Henry QS17/2/3/11b
Hooper, Henry jun QS17/2/5/1c (2)
Hooper, Hezekiah QS17/2/3/3a
Hooper, Humphrey QS17/2/5/1a
Hooper, James QS17/2/3/8b
Hooper, Jerome QS17/2/2/5b
Hooper, Joan Exeter 2
Hooper, Joan QS17/2/2/11a
Hooper, Joan QS17/2/5/1c
Hooper, Joan QS17/2/6/1c
Hooper, Joane QS17/2/2/2b
Hooper, John Exeter 1 (2)
Hooper, John QS17/2/1/1
Hooper, John QS17/2/1/11b
Hooper, John QS17/2/2/10b
Hooper, John QS17/2/2/11b
Hooper, John QS17/2/2/4b
Hooper, John QS17/2/2/5b
Hooper, John QS17/2/2/7d
Hooper, John QS17/2/3/11a
Hooper, John QS17/2/3/12b
Hooper, Joseph QS17/2/2/3a (2)
Hooper, Katherine QS17/2/2/4b
Hooper, Lidia QS17/2/3/1b
Hooper, Lydia QS17/2/3/1b
Hooper, Margaret QS17/2/2/17b
Hooper, Margaret QS17/2/5/2b
Hooper, Mary Exeter 2
Hooper, Mary QS17/2/2/12b
Hooper, Mary QS17/2/5/2b
Hooper, Mary QS17/2/5/5b
Hooper, Michael QS17/2/3/4
Hooper, Nicholas Exeter 2
Hooper, Nicholas QS17/2/2/13
Hooper, Nicholas jun QS17/2/2/10c
Hooper, Oliver QS17/2/5/2d
Hooper, Patience QS17/2/3/12b
Hooper, Peter QS17/2/2/11a (2)
Hooper, Philip QS17/2/2/11b
Hooper, Philip QS17/2/2/17b
Hooper, Phillipa QS17/2/2/8
Hooper, Richard Exeter 2
Hooper, Richard QS17/2/2/16b
Hooper, Richard QS17/2/2/1e
Hooper, Richard QS17/2/3/9
Hooper, Richard QS17/2/4/3b
Hooper, Richard QS17/2/6/1j
Hooper, Robert QS17/2/2/6
Hooper, Robert QS17/2/5/3a
Hooper, Sarah QS17/2/3/1b
Hooper, Susanna Exeter 2
Hooper, Thomas QS17/2/2/11b
Hooper, Thomas QS17/2/3/12a
Hooper, Thomas QS17/2/3/8b
Hooper, Thomas QS17/2/4/1
Hooper, Tobias QS17/2/3/2b
Hooper, William QS17/2/2/13
Hooper, William QS17/2/2/16b
Hooper, William QS17/2/2/1e
Hooper, William QS17/2/2/9a
Hooper, William QS17/2/3/11b
Hooper, William QS17/2/3/12b
Hooper, William QS17/2/3/4
Hooper, William QS17/2/4/1
Hooper, William QS17/2/4/3a
Hooper, William QS17/2/4/5d
Hoopwell, Joan QS17/2/3/13f
Hoopwell, Nicholas QS17/2/1/12a
Hoore, Samuel QS17/2/5/2b
Hopkin, Malcolm QS17/2/2/11b
Hopkins, Hugh NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Hopkins, John QS17/2/5/3b
Hopkins, Philip QS17/2/2/10a
Hopkins, Samuel QS17/2/2/15b
Hopper, John QS17/2/2/6
Hopper, Margaret QS17/2/2/6
Hopping, Charles QS17/2/2/17a
Hopping, Daniel Exeter 2
Hopping, Francis QS17/2/3/4
Hopping, Henry QS17/2/6/1j
Hopping, Honour QS17/2/3/3b
Hopping, John QS17/2/3/1b
Hopping, John QS17/2/5/5a
Hopping, Joseph QS17/2/3/4
Hopping, Mary Exeter 2
Hopping, Roger Exeter 2
Hopping, Thomas QS17/2/4/2d
Hopping, Thomas QS17/2/6/1j
Hopping, Thomasine QS17/2/5/2a
Hopping, William QS17/2/2/15b
Horden, Thomas QS17/2/2/11b
Horden, Thomasin QS17/2/2/15a
Hording, Peter QS17/2/2/11b (2)
Hording, Philip QS17/2/2/11b
Hore, Anne Exeter 2
Hore, Caleb QS17/2/4/9a
Hore, Christopher QS17/2/1/8
Hore, Christopher jun QS17/2/3/9 (2)
Hore, Daniel QS17/2/5/3a
Hore, Edward QS17/2/1/3a
Hore, Elias QS17/2/4/9a
Hore, Elias QS17/2/5/4c
Hore, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/3a
Hore, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/4c
Hore, Honour QS17/2/3/13e
Hore, Jane QS17/2/5/4c
Hore, Joanna QS17/2/6/1j
Hore, John QS17/2/1/8
Hore, John QS17/2/2/18
Hore, John QS17/2/2/7c
Hore, John QS17/2/3/8b
Hore, John QS17/2/5/4a
Hore, Joseph QS17/2/4/6b
Hore, Mary QS17/2/6/1a
Hore, Mr Thomas QS17/2/2/14c
Hore, Nehemiah QS17/2/5/4c
Hore, Phillipa QS17/2/3/12b
Hore, Robert QS17/2/2/14c
Hore, Robert QS17/2/2/18
Hore, Sarah QS17/2/5/4c
Hore, Thomas QS17/2/1/6
Hore, William QS17/2/3/12b
Hore, William QS17/2/4/5d
Horedon, Thomas QS17/2/4/3b
Horey, Phillipa QS17/2/1/6
Horford, William QS17/2/4/3a
Hornbrook, Patience QS17/2/3/13e
Hornbrook, Thomas QS17/2/3/13e
Hornbrooke, John Exeter 1
Horne, Anne QS17/2/5/3a
Horne, Humphrey QS17/2/2/9b
Horne, James QS17/2/3/8b
Horne, William QS17/2/3/13e
Horrell, Andrew QS17/2/2/8
Horrell, Arthur QS17/2/1/11b
Horrell, Catherine QS17/2/3/13e
Horrell, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/7d
Horrell, George QS17/2/1/7b
Horrell, John QS17/2/1/4 (2)
Horrell, John QS17/2/1/6
Horrell, John QS17/2/2/14c
Horrell, John QS17/2/2/7d
Horrell, John QS17/2/5/4c
Horrell, Philip QS17/2/6/1c
Horrell, Richard QS17/2/4/5d
Horrell, Ruth QS17/2/1/12a
Horrell, Sidrack QS17/2/2/7d
Horrell, Thomas QS17/2/4/2d
Horrey, Humphrey QS17/2/1/4
Horrick, Joanna QS17/2/1/3b
Horrill, Joan QS17/2/1/9b
Horrill, John QS17/2/2/7c
Horrill, Thomasin QS17/2/5/3b
Horrwood, Jane QS17/2/4/6b
Horsham, Ann QS17/2/4/6d
Horsham, Anne QS17/2/4/7a
Horsham, Hugh QS17/2/1/1
Horsham, John QS17/2/4/6d
Horsham, Mary QS17/2/4/7a
Horsham, Philip QS17/2/1/6
Horsham, William QS17/2/1/1
Horst, William QS17/2/1/7a
Horswell, James Exeter 1
Horswell, James jun Exeter 2
Horton, Trobridge QS17/2/2/2b
Hortop, John QS17/2/2/8
Hortopp, John QS17/2/2/10a
Horward, Grace QS17/2/6/1j
Horwell, Abraham Exeter 2
Horwell, Joan Exeter 2
Horwell, Samuel Exeter 2
Horwell, William QS17/2/2/7b
Horwill, Abraham QS17/2/4/2d
Horwill, John QS17/2/3/9
Horwill, Mathew QS17/2/3/11a
Horwill, Samuel QS17/2/3/11a
Horwood, Anna QS17/2/3/8a
Horwood, Florence QS17/2/6/1d
Horwood, George QS17/2/2/11b
Horwood, John QS17/2/2/10b
Horwood, John QS17/2/2/10c
Horwood, John QS17/2/4/3a
Horwood, Mark QS17/2/3/9
Horwood, Mary QS17/2/2/1e
Horwood, Nathaniel QS17/2/3/8a
Horwood, Priscilla QS17/2/5/2d
Horwood, William QS17/2/2/1e
Horwood, William QS17/2/6/1d
Horwood, William jun QS17/2/2/1e
Hosegood, Alexander QS17/2/3/11a
Hosegood, John QS17/2/4/1
Hosegood, Luke QS17/2/3/6
Hosegood, Mary QS17/2/4/3b
Hosegood, Richard QS17/2/4/1
Hosegood, Thomas QS17/2/4/3b
Hosegood, Tobias QS17/2/1/7a
Hoseham, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1h
Hosgood, John QS17/2/5/4c
Hosgood, Richard QS17/2/5/4c
Hosgood, Tobias QS17/2/4/9b
Hosking, Richard QS17/2/1/9a
Hoskins, Richard QS17/2/1/8
Hoskins, Thomas QS17/2/2/17b
Hoskins, William Exeter 2
Hoswell, Benjamin QS17/2/1/12a
Hotton, Robert QS17/2/2/14c
Houblon, Katherine QS17/2/6/1f
Houndle, Lewis QS17/2/2/1e
How, Anne QS17/2/3/7e
How, Anthony QS17/2/4/5d
How, Charity QS17/2/2/17a
How, Charles QS17/2/4/1
How, Dorothy QS17/2/6/1a
How, Elizabeth Exeter 2
How, Joan QS17/2/6/1c
How, John QS17/2/3/11a
How, John QS17/2/4/3b
How, John QS17/2/4/5a
How, John QS17/2/5/5a
How, John QS17/2/6/1a
How, Joseph Exeter 2
How, Joseph QS17/2/2/16b
How, Joseph QS17/2/2/9a
How, Mary NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
How, Mary QS17/2/5/2b
How, Philadelphia QS17/2/1/2
How, Richard QS17/2/1/5i
How, Robert QS17/2/2/13
How, Robert QS17/2/2/17a
How, Robert QS17/2/4/3b
How, Samuel QS17/2/6/1c
How, Sarah QS17/2/4/8c
How, Simon Exeter 2
How, Thomas QS17/2/2/15a
How, Thomas QS17/2/2/15b
How, Thomas QS17/2/2/3a
How, Thomas QS17/2/2/5b
How, Thomas QS17/2/2/8
How, Thomas QS17/2/3/8b
How, Thomas QS17/2/5/2b
How, William QS17/2/2/5b
How, William QS17/2/3/8b
Howard, Christopher QS17/2/4/1
Howard, Cicely QS17/2/5/4c
Howard, Francis QS17/2/3/12b
Howard, George QS17/2/2/11b
Howard, George QS17/2/2/14a
Howard, Gregory QS17/2/5/4c
Howard, Joan QS17/2/4/9a (2)
Howard, John QS17/2/2/13
Howard, John QS17/2/2/14c
Howard, John QS17/2/2/8
Howard, Mary QS17/2/3/11b
Howard, Mary QS17/2/4/5d
Howard, Pascow QS17/2/5/2b
Howard, Philip QS17/2/1/3b
Howard, Richard QS17/2/3/12b
Howard, Richard QS17/2/4/9a
Howard, Samuel QS17/2/6/1a
Howard, Stephen QS17/2/5/4c
Howard, Walter QS17/2/3/12b
Howard, William QS17/2/4/1
Howard, William QS17/2/4/9a
Howcomb, Henry QS17/2/2/17b
Howe, James QS17/2/4/9b
Howe, John QS17/2/3/6
Howe?, Margaret NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Howell, Anthony QS17/2/2/11b
Howell, John QS17/2/2/8
Howell, John QS17/2/3/2a
Howell, John QS17/2/3/5
Howet, William QS17/2/4/9b
Howett, Alice QS17/2/4/1
Howley, Rebecca QS17/2/3/1b (2)
Howndle, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/1e
Hoxland, Roger QS17/2/3/7a
Hoyle, Arthur QS17/2/2/4b
Hoyles, John NDRO 2558-2/102/1.5
Hoyles, Mary QS17/2/4/5a
Hoyles, Richard QS17/2/1/11b
Hoyles, Thomas QS17/2/4/5c
Hoyll, Samuel QS17/2/2/11b
Huchings, John QS17/2/3/2a
Huchings, Thomas QS17/2/4/9a
Huckaway, Thomas QS17/2/3/11a
Huddy, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/3b
Hudson, Mary QS17/2/3/9
Hudson, Mathew QS17/2/5/1c
Huet?, Richard NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Huett, William QS17/2/2/11a
Huggings, John QS17/2/3/2a
Huggins, Gabriel QS17/2/3/1a
Huggins, Joseph QS17/2/4/8c
Huggins, Mary QS17/2/4/8c
Huggins, Roger Exeter 1
Hughes, Dorothy Exeter 2
Hughes, Mary QS17/2/2/2a
Huish, Andrew QS17/2/2/14a
Huish, Anne QS17/2/3/1b
Huish, James QS17/2/4/8c
Huish, Urith QS17/2/4/8c
Huish?, John QS17/2/2/17b
Huish?, Samuel QS17/2/2/3b
Huit, Nicholas QS17/2/1/11a
Hull, Edmund QS17/2/3/7a
Hull, Elizabeth QS17/2/1/3a
Hull, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/1b
Hull, Joseph QS17/2/3/3a
Hull, Margery QS17/2/4/2d
Hull, Mary QS17/2/6/1h
Hull, Rebecca QS17/2/2/15b
Hull, William QS17/2/3/8a
Hull, William QS17/2/3/9
Hume, Francis QS17/2/6/1c
Hume, Mary QS17/2/6/1c
Humfries, John Exeter 2
Humphrey, Henry QS17/2/5/4c
Humphrey, Mirriam QS17/2/5/4c
Humphry, Anne QS17/2/5/3a
Humphry, Catherine QS17/2/5/4c
Humphry, George QS17/2/3/2a
Humphry, Henry QS17/2/3/2a
Humphry, John QS17/2/3/1a
Humphry, John QS17/2/4/9a (2)
Humphry, John sen QS17/2/3/2a
Humphry, Patience QS17/2/3/2a
Humphry, Peter QS17/2/3/1a
Humphry, William QS17/2/3/2a
Humphrys, John QS17/2/1/7a
Humphrys, Lawrence QS17/2/6/1j
Humphrys, Mary QS17/2/3/7a
Hunevill, Robert QS17/2/1/12a
Hungerford, Margaret QS17/2/4/4b
Hunicombe, Hugh QS17/2/2/10b
Hunkin, Jonas QS17/2/2/7c
Hunn, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/2a
Hunnewell, Nicholas QS17/2/1/7a
Hunniwell, Richard QS17/2/1/7a
Hunniwell, William QS17/2/1/12b
Hunnywill, Mary QS17/2/1/3a
Hunnywill, Susanna QS17/2/1/3a
Hunsdon, John QS17/2/3/13e
Hunsdon, Thomas QS17/2/6/1a
Hunsen, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/4b
Hunt, Alice QS17/2/1/1
Hunt, Charles QS17/2/2/10c
Hunt, Charles QS17/2/2/13
Hunt, Christopher Exeter 2
Hunt, Christopher QS17/2/3/8a
Hunt, Christopher QS17/2/3/8b
Hunt, Christopher QS17/2/5/1c
Hunt, Edmund QS17/2/2/11b
Hunt, Edward QS17/2/2/11b
Hunt, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/11b
Hunt, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/14c
Hunt, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/3b
Hunt, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1j
Hunt, George QS17/2/3/12a
Hunt, Henry Exeter 2
Hunt, Hugh QS17/2/2/11b
Hunt, Humphrey QS17/2/2/11b
Hunt, Humphrey QS17/2/3/1a
Hunt, James QS17/2/4/6d
Hunt, James QS17/2/5/1a
Hunt, Joan QS17/2/5/1a
Hunt, John QS17/2/2/10c
Hunt, John QS17/2/2/11b (2)
Hunt, John QS17/2/2/1e
Hunt, John QS17/2/2/3b
Hunt, John QS17/2/4/7a
Hunt, John QS17/2/5/4c
Hunt, John QS17/2/6/1c
Hunt, Joseph QS17/2/3/13d
Hunt, Mary QS17/2/3/9
Hunt, Miriam Exeter 2
Hunt, Mr George QS17/2/2/14c
Hunt, Nicholas QS17/2/1/4
Hunt, Nicholas QS17/2/1/7b
Hunt, Philip QS17/2/3/13b
Hunt, Richard QS17/2/1/2
Hunt, Richard QS17/2/2/11b
Hunt, Richard QS17/2/4/3a
Hunt, Roop QS17/2/4/9a
Hunt, Susannah QS17/2/4/5d
Hunt, Thomas QS17/2/2/10c
Hunt, Thomas QS17/2/2/14b
Hunt, Thomas QS17/2/3/8a
Hunt, Tobias QS17/2/1/1
Hunt, William QS17/2/2/11b
Hunt, William QS17/2/2/13
Huntington, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/14c
Huntington, George QS17/2/2/14c
Huntington, Jon: QS17/2/3/8a
Huntly, Anne QS17/2/5/4c
Huntly, Eleanor QS17/2/4/4c
Huntly, Richard QS17/2/5/1a
Hurd, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1a
Hurdon, Richard QS17/2/2/12a
Hurford, Henry QS17/2/2/16b
Hurford, Joan QS17/2/2/15a
Hurford, John QS17/2/4/8a
Hurford, John QS17/2/6/1j
Hurford, John jun QS17/2/4/8a
Hurford, Richard QS17/2/4/4c
Hurford, Thomas QS17/2/1/5h
Hurford, William QS17/2/4/8a
Hurle, Ann QS17/2/1/6
Hurle, Christabella Exeter 2
Hurle, John QS17/2/1/10
Hurle, John QS17/2/1/11c
Hurle, John QS17/2/1/12a
Hurle, Mary QS17/2/1/11b
Hurle, Richard QS17/2/1/10
Hurle, Sarah Exeter 2
Hurlestone, Anna QS17/2/5/3a
Hurlestone, Christopher QS17/2/2/17a
Hurley, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/15b
Hurley, John QS17/2/2/16b
Hurley, John QS17/2/4/8a
Hurley, Rose QS17/2/2/15a
Hurley, William QS17/2/2/15b
Hurll, John QS17/2/3/9
Hurly, Bartholomew QS17/2/2/16a
Hurly, Ed: QS17/2/2/16a
Hurly, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/16b
Hurly, Richard QS17/2/2/16a
Hurrall, William QS17/2/4/5c
Hurrel, Mary QS17/2/1/11a
Hurrell, Christobella QS17/2/2/3b
Hurrell, Edward QS17/2/4/9a
Hurrell, Eleanor QS17/2/4/5a
Hurrell, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/5c
Hurrell, Gertrude QS17/2/4/5a
Hurrell, Joan QS17/2/4/5a
Hurrell, Joanna QS17/2/4/5c
Hurrell, John QS17/2/1/11a
Hurrell, John QS17/2/1/12a
Hurrell, John QS17/2/1/8
Hurrell, John QS17/2/4/5a
Hurrell, John QS17/2/4/5c
Hurrell, John QS17/2/5/1a
Hurrell, John QS17/2/5/1c
Hurrell, Katherine QS17/2/6/1c
Hurrell, Maud QS17/2/4/1
Hurrell, Rebecca QS17/2/2/3b
Hurrell, Roger QS17/2/1/8
Hurrell, Roger QS17/2/4/5a
Hurrell, Sarah QS17/2/2/3b
Hurrell, Sarah QS17/2/4/7c
Hurrell, Thomas QS17/2/2/1b
Hurrell, Thomas QS17/2/4/5a
Hurrell, Thomas QS17/2/4/9a
Hurrell, William QS17/2/1/11a
Hurst, Christopher QS17/2/4/7a
Hurst, Henry QS17/2/2/2b
Hurst, Julian QS17/2/1/7a
Husband, Elizabeth Exeter 2
Husband, Francis QS17/2/1/12b
Husband, Jasper QS17/2/2/9b
Husband, John QS17/2/6/1c
Husband, Peter Exeter 1
Husey, John jun QS17/2/3/1a
Hussey, Ann QS17/2/2/3a
Hussey, Ann QS17/2/2/3b
Hussey, Henry QS17/2/3/1a
Hussey, John QS17/2/3/1a
Hussey, John QS17/2/3/2b
Hussey, Joseph QS17/2/2/15b
Hussey, Margery QS17/2/5/4c
Hussey, Mary QS17/2/4/4c
Hussey, Susannah QS17/2/5/4a
Hussey, Thomas QS17/2/4/1
Hussey, William QS17/2/2/15b
Hussey, William QS17/2/4/1 (2)
Hussey, William QS17/2/4/9a (2)
Hutch, John QS17/2/2/7c
Hutchens, John QS17/2/2/17b
Hutching, Joan QS17/2/2/11b
Hutchings, Abraham QS17/2/1/7a
Hutchings, Dorothy QS17/2/5/1a
Hutchings, Grace QS17/2/5/2b
Hutchings, Hannah QS17/2/5/2b
Hutchings, Henry QS17/2/5/2c
Hutchings, John Exeter 2
Hutchings, John QS17/2/1/11d
Hutchings, John QS17/2/1/2
Hutchings, John QS17/2/2/12b
Hutchings, John QS17/2/2/15b
Hutchings, John QS17/2/2/5b
Hutchings, John QS17/2/3/1b
Hutchings, John QS17/2/3/8a
Hutchings, John QS17/2/5/4a
Hutchings, John QS17/2/6/1j
Hutchings, Martha QS17/2/5/3a
Hutchings, Mary QS17/2/2/17b
Hutchings, Mary QS17/2/5/3b (2)
Hutchings, Petronel QS17/2/2/5b
Hutchings, Rebecca QS17/2/2/1e
Hutchings, Robert QS17/2/2/11b
Hutchings, Walter QS17/2/1/2
Hutchings, William QS17/2/3/1b
Hutchings, William QS17/2/4/3b
Hutchings, William QS17/2/5/3a
Hutchings, William QS17/2/5/5a
Hutchings, William QS17/2/6/1c
Hutchins, Frances QS17/2/2/5b
Hutchins, George QS17/2/2/8
Hutchins, Honour QS17/2/1/2
Hutchins, James QS17/2/4/3b
Hutchins, Joan QS17/2/2/8
Hutchins, John Exeter 1
Hutchins, John QS17/2/2/5b (2)
Hutchins, John QS17/2/2/7d
Hutchins, Katherine QS17/2/4/9b
Hutchins, Moses QS17/2/2/17b
Hutchins, Obediah QS17/2/2/7d
Hutchins, Richard QS17/2/2/12b
Hutchins, Robert QS17/2/2/5b
Hutchins, Robert QS17/2/4/4c
Hutchins, Robert QS17/2/4/8a
Hutchins, Sarah QS17/2/2/9b
Hutchins, Thomas QS17/2/4/9a
Hutchins, William QS17/2/2/4b
Hutchins, William QS17/2/4/3b
Hutchins, William QS17/2/4/8a
Hutchins als Franklen, Grace QS17/2/2/13
Hutten, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/2b
Hutton, Anne QS17/2/6/1d
Hutton, John QS17/2/2/14c
Hutton, Robert QS17/2/3/13e
Hutton, William QS17/2/2/10b
Huxford, Mary Exeter 2
Huxham, Robert QS17/2/1/7b
Huxham, Thomas QS17/2/1/8
Huxstable, Charles QS17/2/2/13
Huxstable, Richard QS17/2/2/1e
Huxtable, Agnes QS17/2/2/13
Huxtable, Edmund QS17/2/2/13
Huxtable, Emlin QS17/2/2/13
Huxtable, George QS17/2/2/13
Huxtable, Jane QS17/2/6/1d
Huxtable, John QS17/2/2/11a
Huxtable, John QS17/2/2/11b
Huxtable, John QS17/2/2/13
Huxtable, Thomas QS17/2/2/9a
Huxtable, William QS17/2/2/10c
Huxtaple, John QS17/2/2/1c
Huysh, Catherine QS17/2/5/4a
Huysh, Francis QS17/2/4/3a
Huysh, Sarah QS17/2/4/3a
Hyde, James QS17/2/2/3a
Hymon, John QS17/2/4/2d
Hynam, Alice QS17/2/2/13
Hynam, Francis QS17/2/3/12b
Hynam, John QS17/2/3/12b
Hynam, William QS17/2/2/13
Hyne, Alice QS17/2/4/7a
Hyne, Ambrose QS17/2/1/11b
Hyne, Bartholomew QS17/2/4/5c
Hyne, Daniel QS17/2/1/10
Hyne, Daniel QS17/2/1/8
Hyne, Edmund QS17/2/1/7b
Hyne, Jacob QS17/2/1/11a
Hyne, John QS17/2/1/11a
Hyne, John QS17/2/1/11b
Hyne, John QS17/2/2/16b
Hyne, Julian QS17/2/4/7a
Hyne, Mary QS17/2/4/1
Hyne, Nicholas QS17/2/1/11a
Hyne, Nicholas QS17/2/1/12a
Hyne, Nicholas QS17/2/2/4b
Hyne, Rebecca QS17/2/1/11b
Hyne, Richard QS17/2/1/12a
Hyne, Richard QS17/2/1/7b
Hyne, Robert QS17/2/1/10
Hyne, Robert QS17/2/1/12a
Hyne, Roger QS17/2/1/11b
Hyne, Samuel QS17/2/1/7b
Hyne, Samuel QS17/2/4/9a
Hyne?, Richard QS17/2/1/8
Hynes, Hannah QS17/2/2/2b
Hyssett, Robert QS17/2/2/5b